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Kole Elbridge

There's something enthralling about the halfling lounging in the too-large chair, perhaps it's his constant good cheer or perhaps it's simply the way he always seems to know more than he lets on but either way he's obviously good company. His dark chestnut hair is pulled back from his face as he laughs and jokes with the strangers sitting around the table with him. His narrow eyes move casually from the cigarette between his fingers and the glass of expensive liquor in front of him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kole came to Etude as an infant with his parents, two sisters and a multitude of extended family. They weren't truly refugees, since they weren't fleeing their homes, but they were seeking safety. After a string of misfortunates, their family caravan was forced to seek shelter behind the walls of the city. They didn't intend to stay and settled in a squalid, unoccupied section of a poor district. Their wagons continued to serve as shelter and they kept to themselves as much as could be expected while trading services and goods with other citizens in the area.
All good conmen and spies know a handful of languages but Kole has gone a little further than most. During his tenure in command of the Blanks he has learned many languages beyond his native Heblin. Infact, Heblin is practically his second language due to being raised primarily in a human culture.


If you ask anybody aside from Kole, they'll say he's a rogue, rascal, and charmer who never worked an honest day of his life. Well liked, nobody beleives he'd never cause intentional harm to anyone, however it's common knowledge in the [create city districts] that he makes his living as a theif. What people don't know; is why.
Raised in the slums, Kole leaned heavily on his natural charisma to help provide for his family. This charm was quickly noticed by informants for the Blanks, a special squad of covert operatives that work as a secret branch of the city guard. When he reached an appropriate age they recruited and trained him to be a spy, and as a cover they helped refine his natural gifts so he could believingly pass as a successful pickpocket and scoundrel.
Thirty years later, he now has a blank slate to commit petty acts of burglary and theft while serving the interests of the guard and informing on those who might cause genuine trouble within the walls of Etude. He leads the Blanks and as such has access to a network of informants and spies, as well as connections within the guard and all levels of city defense.

Current Location
Year of Birth
4088 43 Years old
dark brown
Shoulder-length, sleek, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale, fair
Aligned Organization


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