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These oddly likable artificial lifeforms are a ancient survivors, holdouts from either another world entirely or are, at the very least, left behind by an ancient species or civilization that no longer survives on Kaos today. Regardless of their origin these immortal 'machines' are incredibly rare - only three are known to live among the humans in the capital cities and all three keep to themselves whenever possible to avoid causing a public disturbance or untintentionally becoming a topic of discussion. All three have lived in proximity to modern folk long enough to develop their own methods of remaining hidden among an alien population despite supposedly being 'constructed' creatures.
Even the grenk themselves don't remember when or why they were made. Very few people living today have had the opportunity to study the physiology of these strange beings which has led to some very extreme ideas about their original purpose. One too many lonely scholar, all of whom have never actually met a grenk in person, have theorized that these semi-gelatinous being were originally created as a type of personal assistant and private... tool. Even though many modern theorists agree with the idea that the grenk were personal companions to some advanced ancient species it's looked down on to elaborate about the anatomical aspects in polite Allegran custom.Regardless of their original conventions, the grenk who are alive today have no memory or link to their history and exist now as fully developed individuals. Whether this was how they existed all along or something that developped over time, nobody can say.

Typical Characteristics

As an intentionally created companion, most grenk are amicable and openminded. Even those who are unfriendly would generally prefer to be around someone who is friendly and thoughtful. Upon creation each grenk was designed with up to eight 'levels' of basic personality traits like how socially outgoing they are, and even their intelligence, confidence, and creativity.

Physical Appearance

Just like other species the grenk have wildly different appearances among the species. Any why wouldn't they? Considering they're partically arcane-infused constructs that can animate appropriately prepared attachments, installing and removing entire apendages as needed or desired. Individual grenk tend to think of their bodies as the state they 'awoke' in, so bipedal models think of themselves bipeds whereas those with slug or snake-like lower bodies do not. Even if a bipedal grenk were to replace their legs with a different form of locomotion, they would likely still identify as a modified bipedal creature.
  Behind the Screen
Right now there are only three known 'types' of grenk but there were types of grenk because each one was built and designed to custom specifications. Building a grenk, which wasn't their original name, was a lot like buidling a character in any real-life role-playing game. Their physical abilities were based on choices made by the client, as were the mental characteristics the grenk would have. Then, they somehow manifested and combined in a long-lost ritual that imbued these creatures with cognitance. Originally the grenk were invented as helpers and assistants to their creators. Nannies, chauffeurs, and butlers were the main concept behind the designs but as time went on, their designs became more advanced. The surviving known grenk are all from the final 'generation' of synthetic companion due to their powerful arcane cores that previous iterations of grenk didn't have.
The 'grenk' are actually biologically/physically almost identical to Primis and whenever the grenk show up, the primis descend on them in a flurry and whisk them away from prying eyes.

Basic Information


The strange 'ooze' that constitutes the bodies of these creatures is similar to an amboeic cell, except of course, nobody knows what that is. The theory of molecules exists as of recent discoveries in the Dannamore Ivory Tower, but identifing them is still a distant concept. The semi-fluid material acts in place almost any organ or limb that the creatures might need, operating independently but in unison.
The grenk also all seem to have significant control over the density and shape of their gelatinous parts. This control has been observed to extend to all reative and/or involutary action, such as pulling away from fire or 'jumping' when startled. As a defense mechinism this serves them quite well as when they are in perceived danger, their literal shape changes unpredictibly and thereby makes them a more difficult target than a creature with a static form. Milan Beindar described it as follows in an interview he did with a local newspaper immediately before successfully faking his own death;
It's like what I image holding your breath feels like. At first it's easy, until you think about it for too long. Then you start to shake, your resolve waivers before you can't help but gulp for air.
— Milan Beindar,
known troublemaker,

Dietary Needs and Habits

As beings created and sustained by arcana, the grenk are fueled by Mesen Fluid. It acts essentially like blood in their bodies but unlike most living creatures the grenk cannot 'refuel' themselves the same way humans eat or plants photosythesize. The grenk can go for long periods of time between charges based on the needs of their unique physiology - the more advanced qualities require more fuel to run and more than one grenk have 'uninstalled' various components during lean times.
Conservation Status
Although there are surviving grenk, the arcana and sciences required to manufacture one is currently beyond Allegran technology to replicate. 99.9% of people have never even heard of a grenk so in that respect, too, they can be considered extinct.


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