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Milan Beindar

As legendary as dragon but far less widely heard of, Milan rests before the awestruck assemblage of gawkers as a mass of semi-solid, faintly lumious orange goo. A grenk! A creature so rare and ancient that regular folk don't even know about them! It wriggles and curls like an insect or worm before what can only be described as 'ripples' began to wash across the whole cart-sized ovalular creature. After a moment of erratic shifting the maggot-like shape disappears and in it's place there's a large humanoid made of the same orange substance. Details seem to 'sink' into the form as it finishes settling into the new humanoid shape.
A being of incredible power and timeless wisdom, the creature that calls himself 'Milan Beindar' has been living in Etude longer than it's been 'Etute'. 'Born' by a civilization so long forgotten that even creatures with eternal memories don't recall their name, the grenk are sentient constructs each built with a unique purpose. Milan doesn't remember his original purpose however he has chosen one for himself - survival. Since awakening several thousand years ago, Milan hasn't strayed far from his geographical place of origin. In fact, it took great effort for him to remain undetected when pilgrims began populating the region. When they started to break ground and erect permanent structures several years later he realized his home had been invaded by human settlers and he's need to come up with a way to coexist.
After 'coming out' so many times over the centuries, Milan has become somewhat jaded by humans and their predictable fear response to the unknown. Now, he uses his understanding of human behavior to scare them - willingly of course. He uses arcana and illusion spells to enhance his own natural shapeshifting abilities to shock and surprise private audiences. He's also often seen with Fosco Whitfoot and his traveling wagon. He'll sometimes disguise himself as a balloon and 'chase' children, bouncing around erraticly to entertain them.
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Laying Low
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