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Elise Redding

Leader of the Crimson Lily crime family and former wife to the dean of the Dannamore University this woman is a pillar of the sex work industry in Etude for the past four decades and has begun making arrangements for her eventual retirement.
Back when she was still a teenager, Elise learned early that crime can actually be relatively safe if everyone else were the ones taking the big risks. In that way she made her name as a liason between folks that wanted something and folks who needed to have it remove from their possession. She trafficked mostly in information until she saw the opportunity to succeed the previous madam of the shadiest brothel in Etude.
In an ambitious power-grab, Elise gathered a small crew of other neer-do-wells and petty thugs before running a small crime spree that the *Etude noble district* still remembers nearly forty years later. Elise & her new cohorts organized 17 burglaries to be executed in less than eight hours within a single city district and 15 went off without any unforseen complications. The two that went arwy were due to a young recruit Elise had become fond of and later went on to leave the criminal lifestyle in favour of his true passion - physics.[/in [in[Her young paramour turned out to be one of the keenest minds of his time. He has helped the Dannamore institution in dozens of capacities and although their relationship ended, he and Elise still see eachother on a regular basis and have a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship.
With the funds liberated by their crime spree, Elise purchased the bordello and renamed it to subtly pair with her pre-existing criminal enterprise - The Crimson Lily and the Graceful Bloom.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4073 58 Years old
Dyed rich peach/pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale w. yellow undertones
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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