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Calder Dupree

Born into an influential political family, Calder grew up without concequences or responsibilities. His brother often served as an anchor for Calder until they reached adulthood, whereupon Killian became nearly obsessed with Calder and encouraged him toward people and activities that brought out the reckless and violent side of Calder.   Ultimately the potential of this charismatic young noble was snuffed when he assaulted a prostitute named Goldina. During the fallout he was challenged to a formal duel by his victim and lost. Badly. His very freedom was stripped and the Mansa decreed that his life would now belong to Goldina. Calder was stripped of his noble name, the claim to any titles or inheritance, and his belongings.   Currently, Calder has found a place of surprising peace working, of his own choice and free will, at the Graceful Bloom. Over the years they've developed a mutual respect for eachother as Calder quickly learned the world wasn't as he knew it. As his perspective changed, so has his behaviour.

Personality Characteristics


Calder has primarily focused on earning his freedom since being enslaved to Goldina Hedgewick roughly three years ago. He has learned and grown as a person since then and although his goal is still freedom, he no longer looks for a loophole or escape - he wants to earn it by proving to Goldina that he's no longer the same man who attacked them.


After living at the Graceful Bloom for several weeks Calder noticed that several of the prostitutes used an odd lotion that smelled fantastic. When he asked


Calder Dupree


Towards Killian Dupree


Killian Dupree


Towards Calder Dupree


Year of Birth
4103 28 Years old
Killian Dupree (Brother)


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