Jack Lychester

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Jack Lychester

Hero of the helpless, Womanizer, brilliant detective - business card of Lychester Private Detective.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

From his looks, he is just your average tall guy.

Identifying Characteristics

A cloud-like symbol on the left arm

Physical quirks

Left hande, walks silent, cautious but self-reliant

Special abilities

Able to sense magic, uses low tier magic to distract enemies

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a long dusty grey coat which goes down to his feet, black trousers, a white shirt with a grey vest and a dusty head.

Specialized Equipment

Besides his sharp mind, he only wears his old trusty rapier at his side

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born as the 4th of 7 children of a big farmer near Neu-Alextra. While his two older brothers died in the last great war against the Middle Realm, the Farm of his family was raided by bandits, Jack was on the way to the local market when this happened. His mother and father, died in the fire the bandits set, there were no traces left of his sisters and brothers. Angered from this event 10-year-old Jack, decided to track these bandits down, but never found them or his siblings. In these hopeless times his heart remained pure, he still helped those who couldn't help themselves. People often used him because of this and betrayed him afterwards.   At his lowest he got addicted to the drug Angels Cry, it was a man called Old Thompson who pulled him out of his misery. Thompson recognized the good heart of Jack and introduced him to the work of a private detective and Jack was a natural at this. He was about 15 Years old at this time. Thompson didn't just teach him the art of being a detective he also showed him how to talk with girls and the rest he learned by himself. Jack felt alive for the very first time for a long time. When Old Thompson died because of this alcohol addiction, Jack blamed himself that he couldn't help Thompson how he helped him. So Jack continued the work of his friend and got quite a name in Neu-Alextra.


Apprenticeship at a detective office


Self-employed detective

Accomplishments & Achievements

Overcome drug addiction

Failures & Embarrassments

-Neither finding his family nor the bandits who kidnapped his siblings -Not able to cure his Mentor of alcohol addiction

Mental Trauma

fear of commitment, trusting issues

Intellectual Characteristics

reasoner, looks and talks as if he knows nothing, always 3 steps ahead of everybody else

Morality & Philosophy

There are no laws that bring justice, laws bring order, to get justice you have to break the law and bring disorder


Contacts & Relations

He has relation into every social class, even though most higher classes and the syndicate see him as arriviste who disturbs their order of things.

Social Aptitude

coquettish, knows how to talk with scum, nobleman etc, he is always in the center of social events but if he wants to nobody will notice him.

Wealth & Financial state

He gets enough money out of his business to keep on going, but his real wealth are the friends he made in Neu-Alextra. The ones who owe him a favor are many and all of them will help him when he is in a time of need.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
9788 32 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born as one of seven kids of a big farmer; Orphaned.
Current Residence
Presented Sex
emerald green
short, groomed, brown
70 kg
Known Languages
Speaks, reads and writes common
Character Prototype
Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, Hercule Poirot

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