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Kalin is a land of ancient history, old grudges, open war, and above all: opportunity.   Once ruled by Sullia, the Eternal Elven Queen, Kalin to this day is a reflection of the first age where Elves ruled above all of the races of Kalin.   Between a demon invasion and multiple civil wars, the Torva'Ir, the Empire Sullia created, fell. Elves went from the rulers of the land to a scattered and changed people, and their grand cities, the "Eternal Cities," were renamed "Fallen Cities" in the beginning of the Second Age.   These Fallen Cities are home to hundreds of thousands and even millions of people each. Their resources and power have led to them gobbling up land and resources throughout the continent until now, when only about a dozen remain with scant few non-Fallen City kingdoms able to withstand their economic and military might. Between these large Fallen Cities lie many towns and smaller cities filled with people.   To the south of Kalin lies Efaanu (or Southern Kalin), a continent with its own history and politics. While not home to the massive Fallen Cities like Kalin, Efaanu instead is a geographically diverse landscape filled with ancient secrets left behind by an even more ancient Empire. On the bones of that Empire have successive empires been built, and now several nations compete with each other for dominance over the continent in the name of their religion first and victory second.   Almost anyone can make a living in Kalin or Efaanu, whether you be a trader, a mercenary, academic, or just plain old adventurer.   Kalin and Efaanu are above all lands of opportunity. But between the opportunity lies danger. Wars, grudges, and ancient history stand in your way. Will you take the opportunity these lands provide? Will you answer the call to journey and adventure?