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Kolzire is a translucent opalescent metal. At a glance it may appear to be some kind of glass or crystal, but upon interaction with the material it has the properties of a metal. It is often used in the construction of modern buildings, being durable, flexible when needed, and, most importantly, attractive. It's used in windows, walls, engravings, and structural supports that are to be viewed. For a metal, it's not the greatest conductor, only high concentrations of mur (see Reln) being able to pass through, and its temperature not so easily changed.
  While it is an ore, it is found as a dull opaque gray sandstone. When melted, it gains structure that it keeps when it cools back into a solid. Also, after the ore has been smelted, the melting temperature of the structured material is much higher, meaning it's hard to change its shape after cooling. It also changes in hue depending on what other metals are smelted with it. Copper gives it a green coloring while iron gives it a reddish coloring. Adding carbon to the melted kolzire or will have it black and smoky, appearing as obsidian. When Kolzire cools, it forms jagged edges, these having to be sanded before installation.
  Kolzire is very abundant, being found can be found in colder regions close to large bodies of water all over kald. As kolzire can be found both near to the surface and deep below, kolzire ore mines often leave depressions in the land. Kolzire seems to be a near infinite resource, even ancient buildings of the Ruined world having kolzire used in their construction. As more and more people have their buildings made of the substance, that infinite feeling is slowly disappearing. It has become harder and harder to find natural kolzire, much of the newer buildings having to use synthetic kolzire (having less durability and has less lustier) or melting older decapitated buildings (which is more expensive due to how much hotter the smeltery needs to be in order to melt it again.)


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