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Exiles are Vshawen who had been exiled from their colony. This can bey from a myriad of reasons: insubordination, a heinous crime, murder of another of the colony, desertion, etc. Exiles exist wherever there are vshawen, and are only made of vshawen. Outsiders are unable to join a colony, thus unable to be exiled.
  If the vshawen is banished before they leave, their mask is removed as a sign to others that they should not be welcomed. And if the vshawen leaves before the others of the colony take their mask, or if they are apart of a mask-less culture, they emit pheromones telling other vshawen they should not be welcomed.
  In the past, an exiled vshawen would starve and die, unable to fend for themselves. But now with the interaction with other species, they are able to survive. There is a constant need for workers, and Exiles will work for anything. With payment for services, Exiles are able to survive away from their colonies. An Exile does not wish to serve themselves however. They have an instinctual need to serve another (primarily their Phora). Many take advantage of this need and create slaves out of the Exiles. The exiles work as hard as they can for anyone who gives them orders.
  Even though their species are rela, Phor (who make up the vast majority of Exiles) are not bright creatures. The have the intelligence of a more stupid owl, only capable of short simple sentences and single not complex tasks. Their intelligence has others treat them poorly or with pity. They are helpless even among other exiles, none taking up the charge of being a leader, even exiled Phori or Phoru. Those who would make slaves out of an exile treat them with even more contempt than an average bystander. They know how unintelligent they are, yet they are classified as rela because of their queen and nobles.


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