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The Raven and the Goose

A children's fable with origins in Elvish tales:   Raven saw Goose and thought "that goose is fair and white, yet I am like a burned shadow"
He watched Goose and saw it swim and eat and drink, and said "this causes him to be so fair and white"
So Raven began to swim in the lake, and he ate weeds and grass and insects until he became hungry and tired.

  Goose found him the next morning, weak and wet and sad.
"My feathers are still black," Raven said, "So swim as much as you like, for I will love the ways of shadow and sky and my song will be my own."
    In Siwn  this would be rendered:     Hichwn Alolol nwod, vur hi Alolo monw vur sihi vaer ha sa i suj na vasad hich ha
Vi Alolo vur vosdw vi ver vur ddwm vur salen nelvalad, vur mo adul vi nw monw vur sihi ha mellisad
Nom Hichwn nw ver ho idd nulvum dwrvod, vur vi idd vunswisen vur anim vur ddwden ddwmad ju vi had aldenuh vur namwn

Alolo vi idd deh nun dil vur swvovij vur swdlw novu
Im sodmalen rwl marmach ha , Hichwn mellisad, nom ge gws ge ddi suj ver, ddo i idd sahen ai hich vur oanu joam mamli, je im siwnda im gachilw joam ha

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