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Rise of the Grey

A poem of Greendale about The Grey and how it formed the area of Greyrise Cliffs  
There is a tale from times of old
that best in form of rhymes is told.
Now take this tale and see
how Greyrise came to be:

  Forth comes from the ocean deep
a beast to where now stands the keep,
and forward steps the creature
with bird's and lion's feature,
and climbs the cliff
arising with
the will to dry its wings
until the grinding brings
as rocks and boulders fall
a breach into the wall.

From thrust of shaken feather
is born our rain and weather,
and wind to fill our sails
to spread such ancient tales
  The poem has been turned into a song with various musical settings, including one performed by Gwynneth of Jayne Keep on the night that Kenner and Áedán's engagement was announced.

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