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Cithrel Wysalar (ˈKITH-rehl ˈWY-sah-lar)

Cithrel Wysalar

Cithrel Wysalar is an Elven woman best known for constructing and running the popular wineshop, Alyi Ellnaqua, or The Jeweled Vine, in Pavorno, Galieri. She is a Tassarion Elf from Glaerhiel, originally, and is a woman of vision, ambition, and talent. Short for an Elf, this dark-haired beauty has a willowy build like all her kind, and is still mistaken for a young woman today.  

Early Life

  A native of Glaerhiel's capital city, Sela Shaeras, Cithrel was born at her parents' home in 887 NE. She grew up in a modest household in the Trades Ward of the city. Her parents were glassblowers, specializing in bottles for beverages of all types. In her adolescent years, she worked in her parent's shop, and met many different buyers over the years, learning things about each beverage business. She became fascinated with the process of wine making, and dreamed of owning a winery. Once Cithrel reached adulthood she left home and moved into a few small rooms above a shop in the West District. She supported herself as a server at various different wineshops and cafes nearby.  

The Journey

  When she was one hundred and fifty, the young woman gathered her savings together and took to the road, heading north across Glaehriel and crossing the mighty Aman Serine into what would become Ochua, and beyond. She worked her way north as a migrant farm worker, working the vast vineyards in Asnium and Montlimar.   Originally, Cithrel wished to establish a winery in Montilmar, but her experiences as a worker in the fields, and the cost of start up had soured her on the notion. Instead, she altered her plans, deciding to open a wineshop. Hearing of a new town still growing and looking for business owners, she crossed the Agrindisi Mountains at Fort Sasenza and made her way down along the Balcroft River to the fledgling town of Pavorno.  

Founding of Alyi Ellnaqua

  In 1040 NE, the young Elf was able to use her savings to aquire a good deal on prime real estate. Cithrel was not just a shrewd bargainer, she was able to take advantage of the fact that none of the locals would build on that plot, as it used to be the site of a temple. Cithrel did not fear the Human Gods, and actually found it amusing to found an elven-style wineshop on top of an old temple of wine and revelry.   Cithrel supervised every aspect of the building of her shop, and collected many of the bottles that went into constructing windows, walls and art installments in the Jeweled Vine. Once word got around that some crazy elf was collecting empty bottles, taverns began sending staff with wheelbarrows of them. The walls of Alyi Ellnaqua rose faster than expected from these surprise donations.  

Creating an Establishment

  Once the original plans for the wineshop were complete, Cithrel needed customers. She had built a great deal of goodwill and friendship since she arrived in Pavorno, but Cithrel was aiming at a higher class of customers. Instead of shunning the working ladies in what was quickly becoming known as the Flower District, she allowed a few of the more beautiful and cultured ones to use the wineshop as a sort of base of operations.   With no bedchambers, The Jeweled Vine was in no danger of becoming a brothel, but word got around that these certain ladies were often to be found there. Customers waiting for the prostitutes became customers of the wineshop, and began to appreciate its unique elegance. Word spread, and soon nobility were visiting purely for the food and drink. Meanwhile, Cithrel had helped to shepherd the town's first courtesans to greatness. No courtesan since has gotten anywhere without The Jeweled Vine's approval.  

Present Day

  Now in the prime of her life, Cithrel continues to manage Alyi Ellnaqua. The wineshop does a robust amount of business, and has been expanded 5 times to include two kitchens, three floors, and private dining areas. As for its owner, no one knows much about the Elf outside of her work. She does own a medium-sized home in the neighboring Hilltop District, but seems to spend most of her time at the establishment she so carefully planned and crafted.
Year of Birth
887 NE 378 Years old
Current Residence
Straight black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
110 llb
Ruled Locations

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This is quite well written and composed. I like how her early life as daughter of glass blowers became used again in the decoration of her wine shop. Her shrewd nature comes through very well, once in choosing a shunned location and a second time when inviting courtesans to drive her business. Some aspects that leave me wanting to know more are, why she chose a wine house in the first place, how she got her business loan, and how her success has affected her social standing with the townsfolk. Very nicely done!

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