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The Nip

A peek into The Nip

Walking inside there is a long polished dark wood bar adorned with various bottles of alcohol, illuminated by floating lanterns that bob up and down around it. Along the perimeter of the bar booths stitched with red leather that are well kept but worn due to its patrons. In the center of the room is a small raised platform where various artists have performed, encircled by metal chairs and small tables edged with the same dark wood as the bar. Walking up the tight staircase will lead you to the open second floor that forms a U shape where patrons are able to stand with small bar tables and converse under the beams of darkwood where cats run around and rest on small lofts that rest on each window. A small second bar is there opposite of the front doors staring out of the only windows not covered by the blue velvet curtains that on a clear day or bright night casts its light onto the stage and brings some natural light into the building.

Off to the right of the bar you can find a poastboard filled with various fliers and public announcemnts before spotting the restrooms just beyoind it. Going behind the bars saloon style doos, opposite the everbusy kitchen there is a lounge where employees can take a quick break from their shift and vent their frustration on dealing with customers. Sevoko and the various Heads of staff also share a small office that connects to the lounge and leads to the celler. You can also find the entrance to the back alley where deliveris and smoke breaks happen.  

The Nips Barkeep and Staff

They say it takes a village to raise a child, a crew to run a ship, and it takes a hardworking adn dedicated staff to run one of Viltshire's busiest taverns.  

Owner: Sevoko Swiftclaw

Propriator of the Nip who opens their doors to sailors of the Broken Sea and your local college students alike. They mainly mingle with clients late into the night to get the talk of the town, but if you get them behind the bar something magical will definantly be mixed up in that shaker.
Just don't bring trouble around and you can stay as long as yee still have coin to spend or secrets to spill.
— Sevoko Swiftclaw

Bards: Tis & Revnok

This gnome and goliath duo are the resident bards of the Nips musical entertainment. They keep the jovial atmosphere alive and the drinks flowing. If you want to preform here you'll have to gain their respect.  

Head Doorman: Grunlock Pint

The first and last staff member you'll see whether it be by your two legs or his. He's a genreally nice man that enjoys the jovial atmosphere and generally gets to stay that way, but when the time is needed that Orc ferosity rears its head out when needed. Him and his six other doormen keep the peace here at the Nip:
  • Twin Lizardfolk sisters Kos & Azase, Dwarf Nerfola Barrelblade, Twin halfling siblings Vripp & Volre, and male Tiefling Zacri.
  • Head Chef: Lolith Vlevro

    While she is an excelent chef, the little halfling is a nervous wreck when it comes to talking with customers. She will usually defer to her fiery dwarf Sous Chef Yevle Jinka who will put patrons in their place. The two ladies are assisted their line cook Zorto and his Unseen Servent Bob.  

    Lead Server: Ivis Stravos

    The man that runs the floor and handles the brunt of customers needs and wants. He is often seen handeling several issues at a time and cursing in the back room, but as soon as he crosses onto his floor he lights up like a kid during their nameday. He is supported by a large staff of waiters and bartenders:
  • Male Kobold Vaheed, female elves Denisu and Horu, male elf Vum, female catfolk Piquen and Taga, and male catfolk Jeav'o
  • Architecture

    A two story bar constructed of weathered stone with dark wood accents along the windowsills on the second floor and frame its thatched roof. Two large windows in the front with blue velvet curtains trimmed with gold obscure the inside of the tavern. Heavy wooden doors with porthole windows cut into them encased in thick iron cages leak out the jovial atmosphere of The Nip.
    Founding Date
    5378 ADV
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
    Parent Location

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    Author's Notes

    I have plans to add a food and beverage menu, plus perhaps some secrets if I get around to it ;)

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