Horses of Jiwenia

From pleasure to competition to farming to battle, the use of horses in Jiwenia Intro is an extensive list that never seems to end. Horses can be found on every continent and over the years have been carefully bred for usefulness. Not only has careful breeding played a part in their evolution but natural evolution has occurred as well. The list below details the more notable horse breeds and does not include crossbreeds unless they have a major purpose.  

Horse Types

There are four different horse types in total. Cold-blooded is used to characterize the heavier horse types that are typically used for heavy work and use. These horses typically have calm temperaments. Then there are the warm-blooded horses that are a cross between the others. These combinations including any of the other two. These horses are used for a wide array of things, and temperaments vary between fiery to docile. The next group are hot-blooded, these horses usually are energetic and nervous and are looked at for sport and speed. The last group is the fire-blooded, these horses are almost impossible to tame and have a higher intelligence than the others. They also are the only group that are omnivores.  
Originally from Aardeaon, the breed has seen many trials in it's long breeding history. At one point the breed was on the verge of going extinct as both the people and predators hunted it with little to no care. Then, the breed saw itself nearing wipeout as crossbreeding almost ran out the powerful bloodline. Thankfully the bloodline was saved by breeders upon exporting the breed to Pryce's grassland areas. The Deaois now hails as one of the most elegant and versatile breeds with a fiery temperament that proves too much for many.
  • Character: Rebellious, occasionally vicious, independent, and bad-tempered.
  • Physique: Around 16 hh, at times may look smaller. Long, narrow neck; wide and bold eyes; flat forehead with flaring nostrils; strong back and hindquarters; defined withers.
  • Color: Bay, brown, chestnut, and black are the most common. Though grey is not common, it is highly prized. All coats have a metallic sheen to it.
  • Type: Hot-blooded
  • Uses: Hunting; competition; serious riding
The Harov evolved in the northern region of the Forbidden Land. One of the most obvious distinctions between this horse breed and others is the two thick but small and slightly curved horns that protrude from the horse's forehead. This facial weapon allows the horse to defend itself against predators, easily tearing and spearing flesh. After careful and deliberate breeding focusing more so on decreasing weight and increasing height, it became a warm-blood with admirable agility, strength, and an intellect that mostly went unmatched. Due to their quick thinking, amazing loyalty, and fire, they became a father breed to many of the different breeds found around Jiwenia today. The Harov continues to be a popular breed, mostly found amongst military ranks. Despite their commonality, a fiery Harov is loved and treasured by all.
  • Character: Courageous and adventurous spirit tagged with a loyal and intelligent personality makes the Harov one of the most well-rounded war horses.
  • Physique: between 15hh and 15.5hh. Powerful, crested neck; broad and deep chest; rounded loins and hindquarters.
  • Color: Mostly brown and blood bay but can also be found in grey and dappled grey. White markings and feathering and grey toned horns.
  • Type: Warm-blooded
  • Uses: Farm work; show; military
The Fierian
  • Character:
  • Physique: 16hh. Powerful, short, and thick neck; broad chest; slightly curved back, light feathering.
  • Color: Black coats and some are known to have bright, glowing orange vein like markings long legs and rump.
  • Type: Fire-blooded
  • Uses: War
Parr Mountain Horse
Found within the harsh mountainous region of Pryce. Originally cold-blooded, the Parr Mountain Horse has seen been bred and refined into a reliable warm-blooded horse ideal for different uses. Now, it's heavier strain can only be found within the wild, typically only caught and bred by loggers. The inhabitants of Pryce, more specifically the nobles, have done careful breeding to refine the Parr Mountain Horse's agility.
  • Character: Quiet, friendly, quite docile and easy to train; known to be stubborn.
  • Physique: between 16hh and 18hh. Short neck; upright shoulders; deep chest; strong legs and light feathering on warmbloods while heavy feathering on coldblood.
  • Color: Brown and grey is the most common, while chestnut can also be found.
  • Type: Warm-blooded
  • Uses: Farm work; riding; hunting
Specific breeds are omnivore
Varies; found on every continent
Known Horses
Neesh: Unknown crossbreed  


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