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Double Memory

A psychological condition usually starting rather harmlessly, Double Memory can actually lead to severe delusions and loss of personality. The affected person not only has gaps in their memory, but downright wrong memories manifesting in their brain that can come from a past life or are not real altogether. As opposed to regular memories of a past life, such as experienced during rituals like the Vath'eran or dreams, the affected person is not aware that what they are experiencing are memories of a different life.


Many potential causes have been discussed as for why this illness manifests, but today the most-widespread and accepted theory is, that the affected person's soul suffered severe damage in a past life and couldn't fully recover in the The Silent Waters, and now, back in this plane of existence, couldn't properly attune to its new vessel. It is caught in a state of semi-disconnection from this world, held here by its body, but also in a state of (semi-)permanent connection to the Silent Waters even in the body's waking hours.   Anyone can become affected of this illness due to this reason, as no specific structure or rhythm in the cycle of rebirth could be witnessed or proven yet - or why souls are reborn that are obviously not stable enough yet.


Common symptoms in the early stages of the illness are temporary loss of memory, not recognizing friends or family members, or confusion about the current date. With the worsening of these symptoms the affected person might become easily agitated and angry, as well as heavily confused, as the past memories manifesting in their head will make them feel to actually be in the past. The following frustration can lead to severe phases of depression up to suicidal tendencies due to feelings of hopelessness and being misplaced in this world.


Methods of treatment that can bring some relief are mindfulness and grounding exercises that help attune the affected individual tighten their connection to this life in this world. Physical activity, nutritious meals, and regular meetings with friends and family to talk about current events and experiences all show positive effects for the further development of the illness.   In more severe cases a healer might perform rituals or offer potions that help alleviate secondary symptoms like rage, confusion, and depression.


Double Memory is definitely an life-threatening illness, despite its seemingly so simple treatment. While it doesn't always have to end with the affected individual's death, in almost 1 out of 5 cases it does - be it through ending their own life through violent means or through the loss of a sense for their body, resulting in no longer eating and drinking and slowly withering away.   With consistent treatment and involving the affected individual in getting better, and through consulting healers early on, the illness is much less threatening. While still a burden to the person affected, it is a manageable condition.

Affected Groups

The illness usually begins to manifest in young adults who already went through their Vath'eran. In more rare cases it can begin in a person's childhood already, and it is even less likely to begin past the age of 200.

Cultural Reception

Usually the community is very eager to help the affected individuals suffering from Double Memory. Some seem to even have a strange obsession with affected individuals, as their memories of past events seem to be the most authentic and close to life, as they literally live through them at the time they experience them. These obsessions are not encouraged though, on behalf of the health of the affected individual, no matter the value their memories might have for purposes of historical record-keeping.

Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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