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Our houses aren't huge, but neither are we. Why would we ever want to take up so much space on our own..?
  The living districts of Polyhedra are, to outsiders, a haphazard and potentially unstable mess of polyhedral shapes that tower up into the cave ceiling. To the Polyhedral Gnomes, however, they are home.   Travel between each Stack and home is done by a series of moving platforms enchanted with powerful levitation spells for the most part. More stable areas will have a simple rotating bridge on an extending pole for accessing stacked homes at each level. Some tight communities - including the Dodecahedron clans - prefer to install lifts on the side of their Stacks for quicker and safer travel at the cost of some privacy.

Purpose / Function

The Stacks are the primary living spaces of the citizens of Polyhedra, with each shaped home being constructed to exact size specifications for its inhabitants. Each home, at a minimum, contains a bedroom, a living space, a kitchen, and a study. Family-based homes will have multiple bedrooms and play areas, with citizens having the option to upgrade at any time.   Upgrading a house necessitates its removal from the stack, which is managed by some extremely finicky machinery and magics that hold the rest in place and move the stack around where needed. House locations always remain the same - so that postal addresses don't get confused - but due to these changes in building, window heights and methods of reaching one's house often change over time. Outsiders often find this incredibly confusing.


The Stacks started out as singular non-stacked shape-based homes constructed of stone and wood when Polyhedra started. Their current form is the result of centuries of refinement and materials, though a few 'old models' are still retained for historical purposes. Each home tends to go under at least one period of alteration as family circumstances change: the worst, reportedly, is a downgrade from a family home to a single unit.


Each stacked home still inherits the classic architecture of Polyhedra, even with all of the personal touches added within. The frames of each building are currently created from magically-enhanced steel. Each face is then created from reinforced but lightweight metals, quality varying based on amount of money and size of building. Inner floors and walls do not need to be as sturdy: when the steel supports have been placed, the rest can be made from stone and wood.   Layers of insulation are placed inside and covered with a veneer of wood or thin stone (depending on value) to combat Iskaldhal's bitter winters. Windows - with each unit choosing the shape and design of their exact window - line the outsides, allowing ventilation and cooling.


Basic Unit
Free to Polyhedral Citizens
+4000gp flat upgrade
+11000gp flat upgrade
Additional Luxuries
Owning Organization


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