Pathfinder & TRPG Resources


Every Pathfinder book, both from Paizo and from others: PF Trove   Official Pathfinder reference document: Paizo   Unofficial, but more comprehensive and without official names, SRD: d20pfsrd   Unofficial SRD with official names included: Archives of Nethys   Best reference site for Golarion-specific information (including deities): PathfinderWiki   Databases of PF information & some Golarion-specific classes: PathfinderCommunity   Release schedule: Here (unoffiical) or here (official)   Pathfinder Autosheet v5.2.4 (the version I use): v.5.2.4   Pathfinder Autosheet v6.1 (the most updated version): v6.1   Helpful datasheet, includes all languages, deities and their favoured weapons, race info, etc: Datasheet   Quick reference for common roll DCs and skillcheck types: GM Cheat Sheet  

General GM-specific resources

A series of random generators for use mid-session: Auto Roll Tables   More random generators, including map generators and name generators: Donjon   Keeping notes mid-campaign (if not using here): OneNote  


Setting up a music-player for Teamspeak: here   List of music I use/am planning on using: Han's Music Doc   Streamable background noises - Tabletop Audio   Lots of MMO/Game music - MMO Music   Random fantasy-appropriate music - Soundcloud   Lots of appropriate music -Soundcloud   Background music - Soundcloud   Fantasy/celtic/viking-inspired - Soundcloud   The runescape soundtrack - Runescape OST   SFX/appropriate music - Soundcloud   A MASSIVE dialogue/overworld/tavern/city/etc playlist - Soundcloud   A MASSIVE playlist for combat/dungeons - Soundcloud   Very well-done orchestral music (some 8bit too!) from Guild Wars 2 - Arenanet's Soundcloud

Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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