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Magic in Istra

Magic, as it is known in Istra, can be divided into two categories. It is either learned or innate. Learned magic may be taken up by anyone who wishes to learn, however, not all people have the same capacity to learn magic. Innate magic is bestowed upon a user by a god, spirit, or a powerful being, although some believe it to be random.

Magic Ranks

Magic ability is typically measured using the ranks below, referred to as "Circles". This is useful for placing students within grade levels in a school, or simply to advertise one's skills. It is a subjective scale, but many Mage Orders have placed specific requirements on each level, such as the kinds of spells known or the life essence a mage can use before exhaustion. The Circle level refers only to the level of power, not to a level of formal schooling, as there are many examples of Seventh Circle mages who have never stepped foot inside a school.   First Circle: A novice magic user who can only cast simple spells, such as warming a cup of tea in their hands or putting out a candle. Most people, with some practice, can become a First Circle mage.   Second Circle: A slightly more experienced magic user who knows basic techniques and has a small pool of spells they are comfortable with. Average. This is the most common Circle for mages to be categorized as.   Third Circle: A solid and dependable magic user. Can hold their own in a fight. Considered slightly better than average.   Fourth Circle: A skilled magic user who has a firm grasp on their talent. Most students who graduate magic universities will be at this level. Can create their own spells and techniques.   Fifth Circle: Considered to be a master. Most people cannot ascend higher than this rank. Prestigious universities only accept Fifth Circle mages and above as their professors.   Sixth Circle: Extremely powerful and knowledgeable mages. Professional in every sense of the word.   Seventh Circle: The most legendary mages of all time. True masters of their craft who break the boundaries of what people are capable of.

Learned Magic

Not every person is able to become equally powerful when learning magic. Just as some people are more intelligent than others, some people have a greater capacity to wield magic. Think of magic like an athletic ability. Almost everyone can learn to walk in a straight line, but very few people can play a sport at a professional level. For many people it is impossible due to physical limitations. Magic is described as "easy to learn, but hard to master." For some people it comes naturally, but for others, it requires extensive practice. Some cannot use magic at all, and these people are referred to as Muted.   Magic can be learned in many ways. Some, known as hedge mages, are self-taught or receive their training in an informal manner. Others are trained in universities or are inducted into a Mage Order where they receive formal training. There is a great deal of derision between hedge mages and formally-taught mages, some friendly, some not.  


  • Lieretsans, Rhyldralethans, and Seitsene are the most magically gifted races. Less than 1% of their populations are Muted.
  • Sekhavi, Bolaani, and Vathne are the least magically gifted races. 70% of Sekhavi and Bolaani populations are Muted, and 60% of Vathne.
  • 20% of people in Istra are Muted, on average.
  • 50% of Lieretsans are Third Circle mages or higher, easily making them the most magically adept race in Istra

Known Learned Magic Users

  • Lucaeron Van Thaxol
  • Ataciara Saroven
  • Hadrian Artegal
  • Mavenna Valyxo 

Innate Magic

Innate magic is an extremely rare and enviable condition that allows for any person to learn powerful magic at an alarmingly fast pace. Most cultures follow the same calendar that allows for a period of eight days at the end of the year. It was discovered that children who are born during this time were blessed with innate magic. Most children born during this period die in early childhood due to the massive surge of life essence growing within their bodies, but once they reach age eight, they generally survive into adulthood. Different cultures have their own words for innate magic users, but Savant is the most common. Sekhavi call them Children of Sakattea and Eleviraki call them Children of the Sun, for instance. Innate magic users still have to learn how to use their abilities, which consist of vastly different spells than typical mages use, but they are able to do so with ease and speed. There are other ways in which a person may be gifted magic, such as in the case of Rys Romaexara's encounter with a magical artifact that left her with great power.   Some universities will teach innate magic users, but many are self-taught or seek out a mentor. It is highly recommended that they are taught by another innate magic user who can show them how to curb their powers, lest they overwhelm.  

Known Innate Magic Users


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