Zane Ayrie

His Imperial Holiness, Emperor-King Zane Maksimilian Avksenty Dorofey Ayrie

I find it odd, the hurry of mortals, but no, it is no mystery. They have a finite end, and they know it. Their time will come, and they want to fit many lifetimes of passion into one, never knowing when it might be cut short, so what else is left but to live like the fire? Their flames of souls dance and burn out, but the wildfire itself never ending. It is rarely one single mortal that makes a difference, but a chain of them, one catalyst for a fiery reaction that hundreds pick up and carry on, whether for good or for harm. It is the very nature of the so-called butterfly effect that embodies everything mortals live for, to see change beyond their times.   ~ Zane Ayrie
  Zane Ayrie is the North Wind over Qey and the Emperor-King of The Empire of Kanskownpqey. He was created at the at the beginning of time by the Plurimi. Zane is considered to be an immortal deity, lesser than the Aethers but greater than all demi-gods.   As opposed to his Aether sisters, Zane and his three Wind siblings were created in such a way as to be closer to the mortals in design. They were created as a type of deific fey that must inhabit mortal vessels in order to interact with the world. The nature of this means that Zane is naturally considered genderless, but he personally has shown a preference for male vessels. Currently, he has settled into his male role as Emperor-King over the continent of Qey and the Empire of Kanskownpqey and is married to the lovely Sierra Ayrie.        



  Please see full story in The Story of Creation.   In short, Zane Ayrie was created by and named by Johusanulephiorel. The Plurimi of Chaos is, thus, considered his 'father'. Zane was the second Wind to be created (made after Naulin Liu and before Samuel Mata and Tyrone Ihejirika). Despite their genderless status, they still tend to regard each other as 'brothers' by name. He was dubbed the North Wind, assigned to the elemental domain of ice. He is given certain power over the lands, as well as a personal fey magic.   It should be noted that the Winds came into existence in the form of fully grown adult males. Zane has never experienced infancy, childhood, or adolescence, though the beginning of his time adjusting to his existence did include some actions indicative of adolescent behaviors.

Making of an Empire

The Decision: The State of the World

The continent of Qey was in a divided state of being. Countries were always at war, and the idea of peace was a far off fantasy that none truly believed could ever come about for this world.   Zane had been watching the state of it change through time. He watched kingdoms rise and fall, royal and political systems come and go. Some conquerors passed by and attempted to bring world peace, borders shifting between countries like water, but they never lived long enough to see the end of their quest.   Finally, fed up with the countless failures, Zane took it upon himself to unite the world under a single world empire.   [TBC]


Divine Classification
The Immortal Essence of the North Wind
Current Residence
The Imperial Palace
Light blue to silver
Platinum blonde or white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White (pale)
5'8" to 6'2"
170 lbs. to 200 lbs.
Owned Vehicles
Ruled Locations


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