The Plurimi are the thirteen beings who are revered as the highest gods in Issolum and Earth. Said to be omniscient, omnipotent, and the creators of everything, each one holds a position on the high council of the gods.   Their normal place of residence is in Elysium, in the celestial plane.   The counterparts to the Plurimi are the Infernum. Two of the thirteen Plurimi double as Infernum.  


  The Plurimi and their counterparts each have a domain they oversee, which serves to bring total balance to both Issolum and Earth. The Plurimi's domains generally serve as the 'positive' side to the balance, while the Infernum's domains serve as the 'negative', but both are important to maintain free will within the world, the most vital aspect of the universe and its inhabitants.    

Plurimi | Domain

  The members of this council and their domains are as follows:   Qayyam | Life, the Highest Plurimi
Alyssandra | Fertility
Brisawylle | Joy
Hakrantu | Dreams
LaNaiye | Industry
Lishtairana | Luck
Ndeye | Growth
Othu’lif | Infinity
Davoucci | Skill
Wysteria | Beauty
Yruegas | Sorrow
Moirnu | Order
Johusanulephiorel | Chaos
  For the total list of Infernum, please see their link here.  

Deific Presence

  While the Plurimi oversee both Issolum and Earth, it is only one of these dimensions that acknowledges their existence. As Earth transitioned to total technology, abandoning most magic, any knowledge of the Plurimi faded. They are left with a scattered religious world view.   The Plurimi and many of the gods that have become simply a myth on Earth are very well known and worshipped in Issolum. They have a strong presence and show themselves to the citizens of this dimension regularly.


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