The rank of Emperor-King, fully styled His Imperial Holiness, Emperor-King, is the unique rank that denotes the sole man at the top of the world: Zane Ayrie. From its conception at the beginning of the Empire some two hundred years ago, Zane is the only person to have held this rank, and is, in fact, the one who created it himself when he brought the Empire together. When he decides to pass it on, it will be changed to Empress-Queen, for the position is going to his daughter, Icycle Ayrie, though in all other senses will remain the same.   The rank of Emperor-King is one that denotes the highest authority. As the head of the Empire of Kanskownpqey, and thus the world, it is a position of absolute power.   In casual settings, it is appropriate to refer to him as simply King Zane or Emperor Zane. In more formal settings, it is appropriate to use Emperor-King Zane or His Holiness/His Imperial Holiness, or more formally His Imperial Holiness, Emperor-King Zane.   In the most formal usage, there is a full title used for the purpose of introduction:   His Imperial Holiness, Emperor-King Zane Ayrie, Lord of Kanskownpqey, the North Star of the Heavens, Blessed of the Plurimi, Serene Dweller of the Highest Realms, Kin of the Gods, Guide of the Righteous, Brother of the Sun, Moon, and Stars; Builder of Empires, Bane of Darkness, The Cold Wind of The Northern Night, Protector of the Weak, Bringer of Justice, Warrior Champion of Mortals, Thunderbolt of the Skies, Mightiest of Storms, Reigning Grandeur of the World, Lord of Every Creature Under Elysium, Spirit of Immortal Divine, Most High Ruler Over Aedlevina, Aerivil, Aevir, Ai, Ailua, Arostalia, Bachim, Balusir, Bistet, Brinland, Bristik, Cay Dlui, Chitil, Coviria, Dafrin, Devesha, East Sahv, Eediva, Egabin, Eian, The Elkin Islands, Enisha, Epsit, Erustigliden, Espillia, Estuce, Etesil, Fe’ethia, The Fesnith Islands, Fiamis, Fimire, Fjiruln, Fuventa, Ganuher, Geira, Gilidan, Hastinia, Heijisa, Hiewilt, Hurn, Ilidas, Irei, Iska, Islasi, Jagskar, Jolgurin, Jurepia, Kaiva, Keie, Kij, Kish, Kur, Lailen, Lavist, Mewil, Mierinas, Mihland, Nansheda, Naraq, Newhist, Nirt, North Sahv, Oeystil, Ogreprin, Okloar’i, Ondeopa, Opriva, Palaiana, Pallen, Parseine, Pausi, Pelumen, Porbis, Prei, Prist, Purilia, Qitrim, Rost, Senol, Sericen, Sigan, South Brinland, South Deshiksai, Ssvezxtil, Sveiln, Tei’ia, Tekil, Teoland, Thithin, Ticun, Troushta, Tuthiun, Urska, The Urvish Nations, Vali Ei, Vuut, Wafir, The Weiten Islands, Werita, West Sahv, Whidled, Xyni, Yegulsawi, and Zexyliv, Most High Ruler of Galt and All Which Surrounds It, and Most Gracious King Over All.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Source of Authority
Conqueror's Right/Deific
Length of Term
No limit


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