The Capital of Kanskownpqey

Many centuries ago, tales of an advanced city spread across Earth. Countries told tales of its miraculous technology, its advanced inhabitants, and called this island a lost treasure - for indeed, it was lost. Though the first men told tales, those who came later could find nothing, for the city had slipped out to sea. Ships were not yet strong enough for the length of journey needed to reach this marvelous city, nor was the location known. Centuries passed, and the island holding the great city slipped into a rift, the island swallowed in its entirety.   This city, called by the native inhabitants Galt, came to rest in a forest, settling in with a world-shaking shudder felt across the continent. The world of Issolum protected itself from this city by erecting a barrier, for electricity would drive magic out of Earth and therefore the electricity that Galt brought with it to Issolum must not be allowed to leave its borders. Word spread far and wide throughout Qey of this new miracle, this city that held advanced technology beyond what the inhabitants had ever dreamed, with the word electricity ringing on every tongue! Many came, and many stayed, and Galt became the largest city - the capital city, when Zane united the Empire of Kanskownpqey. Galt, the new asset to Qey, Galt, long lost to Earth, to those who called it Atlantis.
  Galt is the the marvel of the modern world, the hub of civilization, the seat of triumphs and discoveries. The capital city and the seat of Emperor-King Zane's throne, this unique city holds one other claim to fame - technology. This bustling metropolis is surrounded by an unseen sphere that allows the functioning of electricity within its borders, and thus the functioning of the advanced technology that came with it.   The curious inclusion of the more modern technologies has baffled scientists, for even when more advanced pieces are designed to operate outside of the constrains of electric power, somehow they still fail to work when taken outside the range of Galt. The outside world is perpetually locked into a technological standstill of horse drawn carriages and sword and sorcery. However, Galt's economy thrives on an export of modern pieces with non-moving parts, such as machine stitched clothing, rubber tires, and non-refrigerated foods and medicines. While these may become more expensive the further out one travels from Galt, they have still contributed to many quality of life improvements among the outside world.   The city of Galt is run as a monarchy, like the world as a whole, for it is the capital city of the Empire of Kanskownpqey. King Zane's palace is located just off-center to the east and is one of the highlights of any trip. Other notable landmarks and sights include the Giorlogi Museum of the Arts and Sciences, the The Crown Jewels and Regalia held within the palace, and the Moonscale Butterfly, a butterfly only found within the borders of Galt and the surrounding forest.
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