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Pixies (singular pixie) are a small Fae adjacent species, full of Elemental magic to the point that it changes their physiology. Since they're so small, they live in large groups to protect themselves, and are often only found in areas with a high concentration of magic, such as ley lines crossovers. They'll often live with other highly magical species, but humans and other humanoid beings use Pixies as an indicator species.

They are known as tricksters and are prone to pranks; they are very much like the fae where they will twist your words and speak in half truths. It is suggested to either be overly polite to them, or to flatter them; just don't over do it, or they'll assume you're being rude. It's a very delicate balance to interact with them and it is suggested to do so with care.

Eye Colour

A Pixie's eye colour is usually linked to the element they are bonded to, but there can be exceptions. Heterochromia isn't very common, though partial heterochromia may occur.  
    Common: Red, Brown, Green, and Blue. These colours correspond with the following elements: Red (Fire), Brown/Green (Earth), Green (Air), and Blue (Air/Water)

    Uncommon: Yellow and Hazel. These colours are alternatives for some of the elements, Fire and Earth, respectfully.

    Rare: Purple. This colour can occur with any element of Pixie, but it is incredibly rare.


Pixies are among the most magically sensitive and adept species across isidoro, perhaps just behind Dragon. However, instead of having control over all eight elements, they simply have advanced control over the main four.  

Pixie Magic Affinity

Note: Table indicates the difficulty for each species to learn the elements. 0 = born into, 1-3 = simple to difficult, 4 = extremely difficult.

Basic Information



Pixies are one of the easiest members of the fae family to recognize, due to their petite size. Pixies are incredibly small in their default forms, typically only reaching six inches in height. They can shapeshift, but it isn't their strong suit; most of them will only be able to take forms similar to small children, often using this to trick humans and other beings.
Telltale Signs of a (non-shapeshifted) Pixie
  • A set of wings capable of flight
  • Humanoid shape
  • Incredibly small size

Elemental Alignment

Much like the elemental dragon species, pixies have their own varying appearances linked to which element they were born linked to. There is no set appearance for each element: there are some common things that occur with pixies of each element (ex. All water pixies have hair that flows and floats like water).  
  • Wings that look crystalline or rocky
  • Skin tones are rich in colour, and can be any colour that clay, sand or earth can be
  • Hair is typically bold strong shapes (looking like rocks, or flowing sand for example)
  • Curvy and rounded wings; just two main wings instead of four
  • Skin tones are like the skies, can be nearly any colour, often soft pastels
  • Hair is large and fluffy, with the occasional soft wisps like clouds; varied shapes and textures

  • Wings that have shapes like flickering flames, though they don't change shape
  • Skin tones are usually reminiscent of warm flames, and always contrast their hair
  • Hair flickers like a lit match or candle
  • Wings that are the most similar to other winged insects, with small trails like water droplets
  • Skin is two toned and often cool in hue; the transition looks like bubbles or splashes
  • Water droplet-like hair, that often floats weightlessly
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens minimus
100 yrs
Average Height
6" (15 cm)
Average Shapeshifted Height
54.5" (138.4 cm)

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