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Day of Sun's Grace

Qurilion is the festival of the Elven Kingdom that is centered on the summer solstice. In the waning days of Summer's Evening, the lands of Isekai are graced with the longest hours of sunlight on the 21st of Summer's Evening. While the various areas of the Elven Forest celebrate this holiday differently, it is known as Qurilion, or the Day of Sun's Grace, to all of Elven heritage.   This is an important festival as the increased hours of daylight bring with them a magical effect that graces the trees and creatures of the Elven Forest. Flora, such as the Aelinor Oaks which are inherently arcane, and the fauna, such as the Aelinor Elk that gain special traits from the magic of the forest, are seen to have increased instances of strength or power, often rendering the forest free of shadow due to the soft gilded glow that emanates from the magical beings.


It is believed the summer solstice has been celebrated by many of the peoples of Isekai since the creation of the Elder Races. Elves, a race specifically created by the goddess Lycana, known for her connection to life and nature, have stronger ties to the summer solstice than other races. Qurilion originated as such a solstice festival. While the name of the festival has changed and grown over time, the name Qurilion, or the Day of Sun's Grace, has stood for centuries.   Since the days of its first celebration, Qurilion was a holiday of light, celebrating the lengthened days and the powers the light could bring. In places such as the Elven Forest, the Fairy King's Wood, and the Feywild, the summer solstice has greater meaning as the longer hours of daylight bring with them magical abilities that touch and change the arcanely charged flora and fauna of the areas. This was realized early on in the celebration of this day, but the various races have harnessed the power in different ways.   No matter the differences in celebration, the day of Qurilion is celebrated as a day of growth and great change. Prayers are sent to the goddess Lycana for good hunts, large bountiful crops, and inner growth.  

Contemporary Local Traditions


The celebration of Qurilion brings much excitement to the areas surrounding the elvish capital of Alfensil. Fairs, concerts, and fireworks are often known to last for days around the holiday. Displays of fantastical magic are extremely common, which the casters of the Unending Scroll showcasing some of their flashier magics.   Celebrations here continue long into the night, often lit by well-contained bonfires that are burning around the celebration grounds. Music can be heard through the forest for miles away from the capital itself.

Northern Outposts

As the hours of daylight stretch much longer here than other places throughout the forest, residents of the Northern Outposts often travel to the areas where the Elven Forest meets the Neither Tundra and erect large pyres that are set alight. Small gatherings of storytellers and others celebrate through the consumption of food and drink while sharing others' company and sending prayers to the goddess Lycana and the god Ygg.   Due to the size of the Northern Outposts, there are small celebrations along the border between forest and tundra but there is sometimes a larger festival that is held in the city of Yllvalion. This celebration resembles the one that occurs in Alfensil more closely.


Those of the Outlands celebrate the day of Qurilion very differently than those that live elsewhere in the Elven Forest. This day is often marked my great hunts, gathering tribes from across the forest to hunt larger game and finish the celebration with a great feast. Oftentimes, this hunt and feast is organized by the Huntsmen Elders so that all Outlanders can be involved.   The end of the day is marked by the lighting of a single large pyre while the Outlanders make prayers for great and safe hunts and bountiful harvests for the next year.
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