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PDRMN Armoured Space Suit

Space suit used by Espatiers while operating in a vacuum or potential vacuum environment. These are essentially the standard PDRMN vac suit with an armoured layer around 5 mm thick comprised of woven carbon nano tubes around thin titanium plates. These provide excellent protection from small weaponry, knives and even slow firing weapons, but a serious coil-rifle can easily punch through it. It can be augmented with additional armour plates of varying mass and durability, but these are typically seen as too heavy to be worth it, unless you are going into an area where heavy weaponry has been confirmed.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Equipped with a re-breather, this suit can sustain life for up to 8 hours, and can be recharged on the go. The suit is made of a woven nano-tubes covering thin titanium plates in vital areas. It has sensors connected to a small computer that detect medical emergencies and report back to the mothership.

Item type
Subtype / Model
PDRMN Vac Suit
20 kg + 10 kg life support backpack
Depends on wearer
Base Price
2,000 Martian Dollars

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