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Artemis Blake

Captain Artemis Victoria Blake (a.k.a. Art)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on her family's vineyard estate on the slopes of Mon Olympus, just on the edge of the Olympus Sea, Artemis was raised among the Nouveau Rich nobility of the extraterrestrial colonies. Raised and taught by the finest tutors in etiqutte, propriety, and estate management to take over her family's wine and hospitality empires. However, as some of the more superstitious might have anticipated, she took after her namesake- the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt. Eschewing social acceptability and any concept of responsibility, Artemis took instead to running wild through the vast estate lands of her family and their neighbors- hunting the imported wildlife from Terra, swimming and fishing in the lake, making multiple attempts to ascend Olympus Mons, competitive shooting, and even the burgeoning sport of low-gravity rocketpack racing, eventually dropping out of college to race full time as the first woman to compete at the highest professional levels of the sport.   However, with the outbreak of the First Solarian Nazi Suppression Conflict and the rapid attack of the Nazi Sternenreich vessels on the other Martian colonies, her career as a rocketpack racer came to an abrupt end, as did the sport. As the heiress of an incredibly wealthy family with lots of political and social influence, as well as being unmarried, Artemis was offered a place on the first of the evacuation ships taking civilians back to Earth. She refused and instead gave her spot to her maid who had only just arrived on Mars from Earth and had a family she was supporting. Artemis switched places with the maid so she could stay on Mars.   As the last evacuation ship rocketed away, Artemis revealed herself, packed up her gear, and set fire to the family house and vineyards to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on it. With only her hunting rifle, racing rocket-pack, and a backpack of supplies, she headed out into the Martian wilderness, where she evaded the Nazi onslaught that overran the Allied forces within the planet early on. She began a one-woman fight for independence against the invaders, harrying and harassing their outposts and patrols through long-range sniping and rocketpack drive-bys. As she waged this private little war, word spread and other isolated resistance fighters sought her out, and over time, she formed a small, but highly mobile and successful resistance cell that caused enormous damage to the Nazis through their incredibly high mobility of the rocket packs.    Eventually, word trickled back to the US headquarters for the Solarian Front and they dispatched OSS teams to make contact and establish them with external support, further, training, and coordination with official Allied forces throughout the Solar System. With the intelligence from Earth, military-grade weapons from the US and UK, and intelligence about broader Nazi movements, Artemis turned her ragtag band of resistance fighters into a highly effective, renowned fighting force. Eventually, her core confidants and supporters emerged from other women who were born and raised on Mars. Eventually, they became known as Art's Amazons and had enormous bounties placed on them by the Nazi Martian High Command.    Tragically, this was to be her undoing, as, through a combination of coercion and bribery, one of the members of the Amazons was persuaded to give up the location of their hideout in exchange for a full pardon and safe passage to Germany where her family had been taken captive. If she gave up the hideout and Artemis, both she and her family would be spared the horrors of the Nazi camps and be made full citizens and granted full pardons.    In close coordination with the Nazi SS, this informant arranged for a council with all the Amazons and the heads of the other members of the Martian Resistance at their base. Once the conference began, the informant tipped off the SS and a strike force of SS forces swung in and assaulted the base.    Recognizing the trap, Artemis urged everyone to evacuate. She and the loyal Amazons led a fighting retreat to the back entrance, but they were surrounded and trapped. Artemis, seeing there was no way for the rest to escape, promised to surrender once the others were away. The Nazis refused the deal and in a last charge of glory, Artemis led her Amazons in a counter-attack that managed to buy enough time for the rest of the Martian Resistance leaders to escape. In the process, Artemis managed to fight her way aboard the mobile command headquarters, and detonated it from within, shattering the leadership of the Martian SS detachments and their communications. None of the other Amazons survived the attack either, but the rest of the Martian Resistance was able to escape.    With the death of the SS commanders and their command headquarters, the SS on Mars was crippled, and the survivors of the attack seized the opportunity to hit the German lines all across the planets, shattering their advance.    Artemis and her Amazons were award posthumous Medals of Gallantry by the combined governments after the war, and the identity of the traitor was never identified, as the German records of the operation were heavily redacted and then destroyed, except for the summary of the mission and the results. Furthermore, the Allied intelligence forces confirmed that Artemis' sacrifice was essential to the eventual victory of the Nazis on Mars that helped clear the inner Solarian front for the final assault on the Nazi fortifications of Jupiter and Saturn.


  • Private Tutors, Ages 5-14 
  • New Phillippi Women's Preparatory Academy, Ages 14-18
  • The Martian University, Ages 19-21 (Unfinished)


  • Youth: None 
  • Adolescence: Debutante
  • Young Adulthood: Socialite, Rocketpack Racer, Celebrity Gossip Instigator
  • Adulthood: Guerilla fighter, OSS Agent

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Medal of Gallantry for Sacrifice and Heroism in Battle (Post-humous) 
  • The Artemis Blake Rocket Racing Cup (Post-humous) 
  • The Martian Medal for Merit, First Class (Post-humous) 
  • Autonomous Captain's Commission, United States Colonial Volunteer Rangers 
  • 1933, 1934,  and 1935 Olympus Rocket Racing Cups
  • 1929 Women's Marksmanship League, Third Place 
Current Location
Date of Birth
April 12, 1913
1913 BC 1938 BC 25 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died in Battle
New Athens, Mars
Place of Death
Black and Curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
150 pounds


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