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  Gherau who wish to express romantic interest give the object of their affection an object of consumption, and the answer to this overture comes in edible form.   Gherau do like their food culture.


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  No one is sure how the tradition began, but it has been practiced for centuries. It is known that the spoons were not always elaborate and that the specific symbolism has evolved both over time and by community.


But... do you want to eat him? Is that what we're going for here?
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  A Gherau looking to catch the eye of another carves a spoon from wood. Modern courtship spoons tend to be quite intricate, though this is not required. Though one can purchase these items, it's considered gauche. Many would rather receive a simple spoon crafted by the hands of their loved one rather than an intricately detailed one bought from a professional. However, it must be noted that such spoons do continue to sell, so there is clearly a market for them.   In some communities, spoons may be passed down through generations. So, rather than making their own, the hopeful might offer the spoon their grandfather made to court their grandmother, for example. One should try to be aware of local folkways, however, as giving an old spoon in a village where only the suitor's handcrafted work will do is likely to end any prospect of romance. (This works in the other direction as well. A potential partner who expects to be welcomed into one's family with the offer of a precious heirloom may have their feelings trod upon by a new spoon, be it made by suitor or craftsman.)   The recipient of the spoon is expected to return it alongside a bowl of porridge, which the gifter must then eat, presumably with the spoon they made. Hidden at the bottom is an answer to the overture in the form of a fruit compote.  
Wait, he gives it back?
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  If the answer is affirmative, the couple will then begin courting in earnest. If they marry, the spoon is usually hung next to the kitchen entrance.

Components and tools

What if you don't like bayberries?
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  Both the wood used for the spoon and the fruit tucked into the porridge carry fairly specific meanings, though the former is more poetic and the latter tends to be fairly direct.  
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Wood Symbolism
  • Ash: faithfulness
  • White Oak: passion
  • Honeywood: youth, young love
  • Catal: innocence
  • Raven Pine: promise of better things  
    Compote Symbolism
  • Gerrot: wholehearted return of affection
  • Chestnut: I've been waiting for you
  • Honey Apple: gentle decline
  • Mummon: patience, I'm thinking about it
  • Rain Pepper: Never [expletive] speak to me again

  • Cover image: Carved Wooden Spoons by Dvortygirl


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