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Bright Argot

Well sure, you can take it to a mage. But I'm telling you, it'll cost you more and you won't get any more "complexity" like you're saying. Pft. Hobbyists don't know all of the words, is all. I can transmit that verbatim. And by the time you find a mage willing to pass your message, you won't have saved any time, neither. Pass me your message and your coin, bricker, and I'll send it on for you in a flash. Get it? That's a trade joke, it is.
— Tri-pip, professional blinker
  In the highest levels of Samavra, getting a message from one point to another can be complicated. And while there are certainly couriers who daily run up and down the levels and arcanists who will sell one a spell to whisper words across the sky between towers, flashing lanterns at every other window give proof to the most common means of communicating quickly with one's neighbors: bright argot, more often referred to as blinktongue.   Lines of usually efficient communication have developed across the city. A message originating by the waterfront can make it all the way to the Bearwalls in minutes, so long as some poor sod doesn't choose to use the loo at the wrong time.   Professionals sell transmission by the word, if you've not a mind to become intimately acquainted with the more obscure twists of the language. Most refer to them as blinkers, but the snooty prefer argoists, complaining that blinkers are what you put on a stupid sky carriage-pulling koh to keep it calm.

Writing System

It has evolved from a simple long/short light code to a complex nascent language involving multiple lights and colors in addition to pulses of different lengths.

Geographical Distribution

Not widely used outside of Samavra, adventurers have found more than one application for blinktongue.  
Yeah, we know it's not a tongue. What's your point?
— Caniphor, argoist


Anyone who lives in Samavra knows at least basic blinktongue. Some Borrowers will tell you that they are better at it, because having as many limbs as one needs makes the blinking easier. Vessuna scoff at this claim. Professionals have multi-hooded contraptions with doors that open and close over the lights, making "speaking" bright argot akin to playing a complex instrument, which anyone can learn with enough time and dedication.  
Common Unisex Names
Blink names (or bright names), a kind of trade handle, are often employed by those who make a living passing messages. These consist of common code words altered slightly. So, for instance, if fox is two red pips (short blinks) over two, in the upper left corner of a four-by-four grid, then professional argoist Fox might represent herself by replacing one red pip with a white one or with a red fall (long blink).

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I love the take on morse you have here. Especially the opinions of the races (I assume its races) and the description of the professionals. A really cool idea, and the quotes and writing style are great at presenting it!

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