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The Bol'gan is a demon drawn to areas that contain many people and feeds on fear and despair felt by these people. As the creature feeds, the fear and despair deepen until the person completely gives up hope. The shadowy figure looks like living black smoke and moves like any other bipedal creature except that it can slip through cracks in walls or gaps around doors.


The origin myth of Bol'gan describes that it was born from the darkness that grew as humans succumbed to darker emotions, rage, hate, greed, and jealousy. After its 'birth' the demon travels from village to village, feeding on the fear and despair of the humans. Upon reaching the first major city, the Bol'gan settled in the massive home of a celebrated noble. After years of influence, the once honorable noble was a fearful, paranoid, wreck who began killing strangers, servants, and even family members out of fear.

Historical Basis

Unbeknownst to humans, some of these tales are partially true as the real demon Isyn has time and again sowed the seeds to fear, terror, and chaos amongst humanity.

Variations & Mutation

Some myths proclaim the Bol'gan cannot move about during daytime while others proclaim it can move about so long as it avoids direct sunlight.   Aside from the Bol'gan's origin myth, there are dozens of myths involving the demon turning honored heroes into cowering children and everyday peasants resisting its manipulation and driving it off through sheer religious belief or actual help from divine beings.

Cultural Reception

Tales involving the Bol'gan are used by many cultures to explain why some people seem to become paranoid or racked with fear seemingly out of nowhere.

In Art

There are many paintings depicting a shadowy demonic figure hovering over a person or sneaking into a building.
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