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Deadland Mages College Brochure

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Deadland Mages College   The DeadLand Mages College is the greatest college for Mechamancy and Necromancy on the continent of Renga. We are also the only college on the continent specializing in Technomancy. We provide a full curriculum with a wide range of subjects such as magic literacy, philosophy of magic, history of magic, and the science of magic.   Studies in Mechamancy   We educate prospective Mechamancy students in the history of mechamancy, engineering, the applied science of magic, and the principles of clockwork technology. One will learn to convert magical energy into a modern tool. We will help students to shape the future of the world.
Studies in Technomancy   In our college, we have the best facilities and technomancers around to teach students in Technomancy. Students will learn about the history of Alton City, mathematics and physics of magic, and how to deal with ancient advanced technology. The future is in their hands.   Studies in Necromancy   The college prepares students to deal with societal taboos and malevolent necromancers. We provide licenses and certifications to students to practice Necromancy within the nations of the United Barak Pirate Council and the United Commonwealth Council of The Darkswamps. Students will learn about biology, the philosophy of grey and white necromancy, and how to use tools of the trade.
The Student Experience   We are the leaders in our fields. We attract some of the most accomplished students, scholars, and mages from around Renga. We are also the only college on the continent specializing in Technomancy. Some of the most famous technomancers and mechamancers come from our college. Experience the wide depth of cultural, thaumaturgy, and scientific knowledge we have to offer. You can find us in Glow City within the Deadlands.

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