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The hawkers are a species of bird-people, discovered not long after first contact with the Prismatons. Luckily, there was far less misunderstanding between the Hawkers and the Humans of Mars, and they became allies.

Basic Information


Humanoid creatures with arms and legs like a human's, but with a pair of wings sprouting from the back, and standing a head shorter than the average Human. They have eerie bird eyes, deep and emotionless, perched on hawk-like heads. They have hollow bones in most of their body to allow limited bursts of flight within atmosphere, though this can leave them vulnerable in close-quarters combat with stronger enemies.

Growth Rate & Stages

Hawkers mature physically and reach adulthood at a rate much faster than humans. They are fully developed within a few ATUs of birth, and able to take to independence and adulthood. They also age more slowly, reaching venerable ages in their late 100s, usually living to 200-220 ATU.

Ecology and Habitats

Hawkers were found living in the canopies of jungle-rich Mars 112, in full flight there, due to the planet's thick atmosphere and lower than average density and gravity. On their home planet, the Hawkers interact much the way humans do with Earth and other planets. Heightened intelligence made them apex predators and skilled hunters, though they had not evolved to a level of technology equal that of the humans at the time.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The social structure of the Hawkers has melded almost entirely with that of humans, though they tend more towards conservation and preservation that their human counterparts. Hawkers rarely tend toward ambition or power-seeking, though some do, especially when influenced by outside forces.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Keen bird-eyes make the Hawkers excellent spotters, navigators, and snipers. They also have the ability to see in the dark unaided.

Aven Tactician
by WotC
Genetic Descendants
Average Height
4.5-5 ft.
Average Weight
80-100 lbs.

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