Industry and Ire


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What is this place?
The world of people is expanding but everything feels smaller. With every day, new inventions seem to spring into daily life; strange modes of transportation, equipment to help with production of goods, and tools that assist with menial tasks. This technological explosion has greatly improved quality of life and is the driving force behind the expansion of cities, which continue to sprawl outwards.

Divine Abandonment

When the gods left the world, the mortals were driven to unite or be extinguished under the relentless pressure of both natural and supernatural beasts. But with the gods no longer regulating magic, people were free to experiment with the untapped potential of the arcane. As grand wizards hurried their research, a need for an energy source became apparent. Without divine protection, mortals looked towards the elemental realms for their power.

Elemental Energy

The opening of the portals was the key to the mortals success against the devils. With newfound arcane prowess and technological advances, mortals quickly sealed the underworld, and have drawn their borders between countries. Fortunately, the mortals have ceased most in-fighting in favor of developing themselves, but conflict isn't uncommon.

Industrial Expansion

With a long-lasting peace, technology become the forefront of most lucrative minds, and the portals to the elemental realms provided the necessary power to drive the explosion of new inventions. Trains and steamships provided new means for people and cargo to transport long distances cheaply. Cranes and fabrication factories let cities build more compact and taller buildings. Tractors and irrigation pipes led to abundant crops letting populations explode.


Industry and Ire is a world for a campaign I am currently running. The idea is essentially a fantasy late 1800s, early 1900s. I am hoping to develop a world filled with wacky, yet relatable, organizations and factions during a time of rapid expansion and economic boom. I have concepts of highly-organized criminal organizations and a lax democratic theocracy for government.