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The Twilight Rogue

This wondrous mess that Captain Tegalad and crew call a sky-ship has many, many jobs. Officially it's a merchant ship and occasionally carries passengers but it does other things as well. It is a 'well-known" pirate ship, the problem is, no one can prove it. Problem for everyone we raid at least. We have made quite large profits from their attacks, to the annoyance of everyone else, especially the Coruscaren's whom Captain Tegalad has a special distain for and they for him. After all, this ship was once a highly classified military project of theirs and now, it's ours. One of the engineers decided to turn on the empire and helped us steal it in return for our protection. Thankfully they didn't have a family to speak of. That would have complicated things even more.   Here we are, almost a century and a haft later and thanks to the destruction (and death) we left in our wake of ransacking and robbing the facility where our beautiful ship was being built. It was missing a few final pieces but it could run and that was all that mattered. Originally, the ship was named Mors Accipiter aka Death Hawk. We decided it was a poor name for our vessel and put the new name to vote. While there were several good names, the one that got the most votes and the one the Captain liked the most, was The Twilight Rogue.   Now we sail sky and sea in this vessel. It is glorious. We set the Coruscaren's back a century because of our bold move. They still haven't gotten a prototype sky-ship up, which sits well with us. We laugh about it still.   There are several cities that fear us most,

Power Generation

A special ore called Talsonium and the wind.


A magically modified Coruscaren engine and sails.

Weapons & Armament

26 gunner, and the crews swords and rifles (the rifles have also been heavily modified with magic.)

Additional & auxiliary systems

Due to the modifications to the engines, they're aren't any.  (why did the captain permit such modifications with no regard to safety, I'll never understand.)

Hangars & docked vessels

There are seven lifeboats, one of which has a small leak that no one can find apparently.
This lovely three level vessel houses the crew, cargo and cannon. The third and lowest level houses the crew's quarters, cargo hold and galley, cargo and galley located towards the front of the vessel. The second level is lined with the cannon's, cannon balls, spare gunpowder and the weapon's hold, weapons and gunpowder kept towards the front of the ship. While every member of the crew has their own preferred weapon, which they keep on them at all times, spare weapons, arrows and rounds for the handful of firearms they have onboard. The first level, the main deck, is a relatively normal ship deck. In the rear of the ship is a set of stairs and the engine room. Captain Tegalad does have his own quarters but he sleeps with the crew most of the time. Important guests get his quarters as they'll be more comfortable sleeping there.
Unique as it has been heavily modified.
35 ft
195 ft total, 135 ft deck
200 ft
1,000 lbs
14 knots/ 16 mph
Complement / Crew
75 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
80-90 tons (including cannon passangers, 125 max though the number is usually less.
The vessels' engine room is decently spacious.

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9 Oct, 2021 16:12

i have to ask, because it is a mistake i make a LOT, and both would actually work   is it supposed to be Twilight Rouge (red powder or cream used for cosmetics) possibly named because of either the color of the wood or the color of the sails...   or the Twilight Rogue (dishonest person or scoundrel)? Like I said is is a typo I make often enough, in both directions, that I figured it was worth asking. (Its been the better part of a decade and I still have a friend who likes to remind me of "tastefully applied rogue" that happened in a creative writing class)

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
10 Oct, 2021 00:18

Rogue, a dishonest person. That is on me, I can't spell my way out of a paper bag and usually end up trying to spell things phonetically. Thanks for catching it.