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I'm sitting grumpily on the couch, my entire body aching. How did I fuck up this badly? It was just practice, I was focused and ready, being nailed in the head by that rock shouldn't have caused this. Doesn't help that I don't really know how I managed to shift into a girl, I wasn't even trying to do that.   "Alright, where are you?" A woman's voice calls out from behind me.   "Aw, no." I moan as Orithil walks around the couch. She looks at me, indigo eyes sparkling with amusement.   "So, got yourself wrap up in a web, did ya?" She says, crossing her arms.   "If you're here to laugh, I already got an earful from the Squadron." I drop against the back of my seat, adjusting my shirt awkwardly. "How do you manage these damn things?"   "What, having breasts?" I nod by head. "Well, for starters, wrapping. Hopefully we'll be able to correct this before I have to teach you how to do that."   "What do you me 'we'?" She smiles again and snaps her fingers. Her features shift sharply, body shape altering dramatically. In moments the beautiful Lhingril woman I've grown fond of has taken the form of a fairly good looking man.   "I mean we." She, he says, still smiling. "Hey, it's not that difficult. You managed to shift one way, you'll be able to shift back."   "But everything hurts Ori!" I fall over, sprawling over the couch. "I'm so sore."   "Do you really think being so dramatic is going to get you out of this?" She asks, lifting my legs and sitting, placing them on her lap.   "A guy can hope."   "I think you mean a girl, I'm the guy now." I laugh as she starts rubbing my aching shins and calves. "It's understandable that you'd be hurting, your anatomy did change quite a bit quite suddenly. On the bright side, you're a fairly tall girl now."   "Shut up." Her hands work up my legs, helping ease the pain.   "We can wait until tomorrow to work on shifting you back." She moves to my abdomen, carefully avoiding my chest. "Until then, we'll focus on making you comfortable but you'll probably hurt after getting back as well."   "I'll just use sick days and let you baby me a little." She wacks me in the head. "Hey! It's rude to hit a lady!"   "You're no lady." I smile as she rubs my arms.   "Ori, thank you. For helping."


The alteration of one's physical appearance. This can be a variety of things from just eye color, to full shifts into other forms, like animals or people.

Side/Secondary Effects

It is physically exhausting, often leaving the Caster in desperate need of rest or unconscious if they are inexperienced. There's also physical discomfort, depending on the amount of shift and experience.


The Caster can feel the shift. It's odd, even a bit uncomfortable. They can feel their limbs, organs, bones and muscles changing to fit the form they're taking. For simple shifts, such as eye and hair color change, it is almost without sensation. The more complex ones, like shifting from male to female or vice versa, it can be very uncomfortable, even painful.
Related Organizations
Gestures & Ritual
It actually varies from Caster to Caster. Some bend at the knees, crouching and rising with a wave of the hand, others merely snap their fingers and still other step around, shifting into whatever form they are aiming for.
Effect Duration
Until the Caster shifts back or dies.
Effect Casting Time
One's own person.
Depends on the desired effects. D-Class can alter hair and eye color but full body shifting is A-Class.


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