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The Copper Clam

The Tavern at ON THE EDGE


The Tavern's Tale

What is now a tavern of medium quality was one of the first buildings built in On The Edge. It is also the largest building in the town. It was made in the year 205 by Captain Folred Xilzorwyn of the Fifth Elven Arrows. Folred scouted this part of the landmass and awarded the command to build a Northern base and a sustainable fishing industry. The captain obeyed and prospered.

As pioneers built more dwellings from the large stones, the camp was converted to a store for purchasing supplies. At the end of the elven command of the Kingdom, the dwarves made this their starting point for discovering rich resources amongst the thousands of kilometres of the mountain range. The store became a dwarven trading post. The spate of metal, gems and technology that passed through this building awed the townspeople. As the exploration moved more to the South, less and less trade passed through On The Edge.

After 3300 years of prosperity, the Rebel Forces invaded the Kingdom. This was the beginning of the Millenium War. Being the Northern town, the King quickly made On The Edge a military garrison. The trading post became an outpost and later a prison for the POWs. The fishing trade paused for one thousand years as the Rebels occupied all the northern sea and constantly attacked the town. On The Edge was strategically a very important beachhead for the enemy. The continuous barrage of munitions burned all organic life off the face of the North. Only buildings around the protected zone remained. Capturing the town meant access to the trade routes into the mountains and the river running south to the capital. Towards the very end, the Rebels gave up conquering the inlet.

In 4200, the King defeated the Rebellion, and the prisoners were banished to the extreme North once again. General Velatha Rokian was commanded to renovate the building to be a hospice and medical debriefing centre for the North She commanded the majority of the Kings soldiers serving near On The Edge As the regiments marched through, everyone stayed until their wounds mended and mental stability assured Some chose to begin the fishing business again to aid the economic recovery of the Kingdom.

After 150 years the town became small once more The general retired from the military and restored the hospital into a church Velatha was considered the wisest woman in the Kingdom and many made the pilgrimage to seek her sage advice While alive she married and had two daughters; both as beautiful as their mother. Her doctor never recorded their details in any local register.

Upon her death, the pilgrims stopped coming, and her oldest daughter became chief of the village. From a bustling town to a fishing hamlet in a mere one hundred and fifty years. The glint the daughters were accustomed to faded with time. They sold the building to a fierce dwarf named Ralgraes Aleview The gold allowed them to travel back to the capital to seek better fortunes Ralgraes dispised non dwarves and married a very young female from the nearest mountain clan She bore his abuse for many years.

The current owner is Ralgraes wife. She inherited it, with her daughter, after the demise of her bully husband No one in the hamlet shed a tear as they buried him at sea on the next tide. After 4000 years, the building still stands guarding all its secrets. The years have taken a toll on the grand house, and relics from the ages litter the rooms. Now where soldiers bleed, and worshipers prayed, towns-folk drink and dance for joy. The Copper Clam is a thriving enterprise but keeps its modest face. Its main drawcard is the band that plays every other night. The playlist usually involves shanties and old songs from dwarfish and human cultures A celebration of all that has happened in its halls over the millennium


The Taverns Owners

The Copper Clam is owned by a widowed woman, Gistrolynn Aleview and her daughter, Broumdoukara Aleview, who are members of the dwarf race One of the owners, Broumdoukara, suffers from an old injury. In addition, her mother is secretly involved in local organized crime Before owning the Tavern, Gistrolynn worked there under the previous owner, her husband Ralgraes Aleview, always the bully named the Tavern the Clam and Bear He died while gulping down a large bowl of clam chowder and choking on something hard and metallic The inspiration for the Tavern's new name is an inside joke

Broumdoukara, a famous gladiator, now serves as a bouncer if things escalate in the Tavern.  

The Bartender

The Bartender at The Copper Clam is a 30-year-old male dwarf who is not quite average looking. He is often unsettlingly loud in disposition. His skin is a light green colour, and he has a long, thin beard. He has dark green hair, worn in a drawn-up style. He used to work in a leather tannery and fell in one of the vats accounting for his greenish colour, so the story goes. Physically, he is chunky yet robust. Gary's real name is Gregor Arther Raymond Yenteling, and he hails from a long line of coppersmiths and gem cutters. As an adventurous type, Gary has tried various professions and decided that Barkeeping gave him the most satisfaction. He is fascinated with Broumdoukara, one of the owners of the Copper Clam; however, Gary needs a little more gold to make the perfect engagement gift.  

The Staff

The Cook

Mrs Goode Greef. While her husband is off fishing, Goode cooks at the Tavern. Being a human working for dwarves, she cops a lot of racist comments from the male population of On The Edge. Goode has a stunning figure with a rage of red hair flowing to her waist; She is quick-witted, intelligent, and a poet in how she cooks. Her voice is as sweet as spring honey. Goode sings in the band that plays every other night. The Tavern crowds with patrons, and her voice bring a sense of hypnotizing serenity. Without them knowing, patrons spend more and leave large tips for the band. The band divides a tidy pile of silver by the night's end. She lives with her children on the other side of the town, away from the fish industry.

The Kitchen Hand

Miss Toni Greef. Daughter and apprentice to the Cook. Toni is thirteen years old, very impressed by Alana, and wants to be like her one day. She spends all her free time watching the owner's daughter practising weapons or talking with Alana upstairs. Toni continues to learn the art of cooking and makes most of the appetizers and desserts. She has her mother's figure, looks and voice. They are times, to Toni's great distress, they are confused as sisters.

First Floor Attendant

Miss Alana Tree. Alana is true to her name, a complete mystery. No one knows where she is from or how old she is. Alana is exceptionally presentable and conducts herself with the highest amount of discretion and professionalism. Rumours have her fired as a servant in the Royal Palace in the South. Her age seems to be a constant 25 years old. Alana's long golden hair is always braided, which is practical for all her daily cleaning and straightening. The first floor is her domain and is available 24/7 to meet the guest's and owners' every demand. Cross my palm with golden fire, and my lips will never tell your desire; her catchphrase.

Animal Handler

Master Toby Greef. Toby is fifteen years old tall, and strong, with a shock of red hair on his head. He attends the Cows, Rabbits, Goats, and Chickens inside the Tavern. Because it is so cold, they must be indoors. Toby mucks out the mess and spreads new straw every morning. After giving them feed and water, he milks the cows and goats. Toby then treks off to the Humid Cave to gather vegetables and fruit for the day cooking. He mainly sees to all the animal's needs. Toby adores the waitress and Alana; however, he knows that they will never have anything to do with him.


Miss Repre Scented. People may think she is a bawdy barmaid. Repre dresses and acts this way; however, her story is far from shallow. She is a black haired elf, tall and athleticaly built. Repre dances around the tables as she serves, not missing a beat or a dish. Yet woe to any who slaps her rump when she dances with beef or fish. As quick as a trout, blooded will be their snout, and with only one good eye will they see. While Goode's husband is away on fishing voyages, she stays with the Greefs'. Otherwise, she owns a small shack away from the town. Repre is a very private person and rarely talks to others about herself.


The Clientele

On a typical night, the clientele at The Copper Clam is welcoming yet suspicious of newcomers. There are nearly a dozen other people currently in the Tavern on this occasion. They are either fisher folk hunters-&-gathers or stonemasons A couple of the patrons are dancing/swaying to the music, while others participate in a drinking contest. The card game of choice is Garrisons, played in rounds with money added to the pot for each round Instead of darts, there is a game played with throwing knives. This Knives game is treated very seriously with an annual match at the end of the fishing season. The prize, funnily enough, is a copper clam with your name inscribed upon it.  

The Accommodations

The Copper Clam has one room available for rent. The owners and the Barkeep live onsite in separate rooms—a standard room with a fireplace upstairs for quiet reading and a closed meeting room for private discussions. Travellers may convince the Bartender for a larger party to stay on the ground floor of the Tavern itself if they move the tables before and after the evening rest. However, the tavern floor is only available after closing hours and must be ready for business at 10:00 am.
  • Bed and Breakfast 5 C per night per Traveller
  • Use of the Ground Floor 2 C per night per Traveller



House Gewürztraminer 10.0% ABV

A house-made white wine with hinting flavours of cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg, a slight saltiness and a crisp sweetness.

  • Bottle price: 2 gp, 4 sp
  • Glass price: 8 sp, 2 cp
  One bottle of this wine is poison, which could blind anyone who drinks it. There was a mix-up during the bottling process. But it's only a 1 in 100 chance, so.    
Lagers & Ales
Red Barley Ale 2.82% ABV

A poorly brewed golden fruit ale. Described as a complex fruit ale with a bitter finish. You can drink it all day and still be able to tie your shoelaces afterwards.

  • Gallon price: 1 HC
  • Pint price: 5 cp
  Black Barley Ale 12.82% ABV

A longer brewed dark earthy ale. A lager that grows and foams before your eyes. It has a mellow and pleasant taste. After a gallon of this lager, you will think you are the King of the world.

  • Gallon price: 1 C
  • Pint price: 10 cp
Brass Rogue Whiskey 45% ABV

A poorly made yet strong corn whiskey. Suitable for cleaning flesh wounds.

  • Bottle price: 1 C
  • Shot price: 10 cp
Tea and Coffee
Herbal Tea

A house blend of herbal leaves to calm the day's woes It may be served with milk or honey as you desire

  • Teapot price: 5cp
  • Cup price: 2 cp
  Strong Coffee Elixer

A infusion of ground roasted beans and subtle spices; wakes you up with a slap in the face. You will never feel better first thing in the morning. It may be served with milk and honey as you desire.

  • Coffeepot price: 5cp
  • Mug price: 2 cp
  All beverages served warmed or with ice.

Food Menu

Roasted Bell Peppers

A platter of roasted red bell peppers packed with sour cream and cream cheese concoction.

Goat and Cows milk is used in making our sour cream and cream cheese.

  • 5 cp
Clam Chowder

A tasty chowder with hearty chunks of clam and barley. Not hard to swallow at all.

  • 6 cc
  Grilled Salmon and Salad Greens Salad

Leaves of salad greens coated in a balsamic dressing and tossed with baby bell peppers. Caramelized lemon slices garnish the grilled salmon.

  • 1 C
Baked Salmon

Baked salmon served with barley topped with a dill and white wine sauce.

  • 12 cc
Baked Berry Pie

A sweet pastry casing filled with Winterberries and crabapples. Served with warm creamy custard

  • 10 cc
  Ice Cream of the Day

A frozen dessert made from creamy custard and various flavourings. Today's flavour is Vanilla and Winterberry.

  • 10 cp


The building has heavy walls on the inside and outside. The building is double walled with an air gap between them. This allows the cold to stay outside and the warm to be insulated inside. The double wall serves a two fold purpose of being extra strong and allows for spying on the tavern goers.


Not many tourists any more. Traders, Fisherfolk and Copper Miners are the main stay of clients to this Tavern and the Town as a whole. Occasionaly there will be the odd patrol of the Royal Gaurd.
by By chikovnaya & FalconX
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Copper Clam - First Floor layer
The Copper Clam Basement layer
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The Clam, The Happy Clam, The Happy Copper, The Tavern, The Ale House.
Hospitality, Hotel
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