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Domi moss—the carnivorous household moss

Welcome to Imperial Soulmates! In a gigantic and futuristic fantasy empire filled with solarpunk magitechs, Hélène is hiding that she's one of the emperor's soulmates. However, to lift the legal curse on her best friend, she will have to blackmail the emperor himself... Come read about her plans, and the world in which she lives!
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Household moss is a significant creation of the last century that has come to representant modern society. It has been bioengineered to anchor complex powerful magic, in particular inside buildings, and it needs regular care to keep the magic going.    
Creation of the moss
When a breakthrough was achieved in the anchoring of magic by doing it in organic materials instead of mineral ones species of plants and fungi had to be chosen to do so. Massive trees were preferred at first, but while they are aesthetic, their growth is far too slow to allow for easy crafting. Instead, a new species was designed to have a fast growth and to be easy to mutate for each new application.   Thus, the household moss domi has been bioengineered to contain more metal atoms inside its cells and so that the molecules carrying those atoms take specific patterns that together form a runic diagram. Because of the tiny cellular scale of these diagrams, all put together they allow for the formation of an extremely intricate whole that can be used to anchor magic that is just as complex.   Domi moss was created especially to be used inside buildings to anchor wards, but its existance had also led to the development of another type of magic, that of adjustable house technology.
Moss types
Photosynthesising moss
  • Needs sunlight
  • Placed inside bricks with alveolus that let some sunlight through
  • Moss on external walls transfer energy to moss inside that doesn't have sunlight
  • The roots under the building still need to be watered and fed regularly
  • Carnivorous moss
  • Doesn't need sunlight
  • Placed anywhere inside the building
  • The roots under the building need a lot of food
  • Has developed on its own to like human blood and to form a special magic bond with the inhabitants of the house if they fed it regular blood.
    Hélène carefully did not approach the walls of the hotel room. The magic they contained was undoubtedly that of domi moss. And it was just as undoubtable that the moss was suffering.   There were more than a few rumours that interactions of human blood, the magic anchored inside mosses, and the weird magic practised by some people inside their houses had, on rare occasions, led to the creation of monstruous mosses. Mosses that would have spontaneously moved to wrap around individuals who attack the building the mosses were protecting and that would aspirate all of their blood out of their body.   It was impossible to say what weird things the Sanniens were getting up to in their hotels, given how much they all loved taboo magics, and it was very likely that blood had been shed here at some point.   Sleeping surrounding by a starving carnivorous plant was so sure to end well.   That was why everyone knew to treat their moss well...

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    Dec 7, 2023 10:03 by Angantyr

    Love the little creature and would love to cover one of the walls with it.   Considering the carnivorous moss, if they need blood, that would mean they can get a fair amount of iron. Does/How does that help in some particular spells? Is the blood used as is or is it sometimes mixed with other minerals to supplements the plant? I'm also curious as to whether there are Limulus or similar in our setting as these rely on copper ions, instead of iron. What would happen if such blood was used instead of typical red blood?   Thanks for a good morning read!

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    Dec 7, 2023 16:41 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

    Thanks a lot for your comment and your great questions! Lots of things for me to think about and maybe write in another article :D <3   Yes, the blood would definitely have some impact on the magic; I'd say that too much iron getting absorbed and there is a higher risk of the moss spontaneously forming new runic diagrams of unknown magical actions.   The blood would be just poured directly on the roots of the plant, in a mix between just a normal feeding and a sacrificial ritual. But of course, that would not be enough to feed the plants and "normal" food need to also be given at another time.   For the copper vs iron, I see the runic diagrams of using a wide variety of metals since each would bind magic slightly differently and the position and identity of each atom would have an impact on the effect of the diagram. So the mosses, have been bioengineered to be a bit weird than normal mosses and to be able to deal with this mess.

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    Dec 7, 2023 14:45 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    I think I'd prefer to line my walls with the non-carnivorous kind. :D

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    Dec 7, 2023 16:58 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

    But you'd lose the opportunities to create a unique bond with you're moss! Don't you want it to react to your presence and welcome you every time you're home? :p   Thanks for the comment <3

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