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Adjustable house technology

Welcome to Imperial Soulmates! In a gigantic and futuristic fantasy empire filled with solarpunk magitechs, Hélène is hiding that she's one of the emperor's soulmates. However, to lift the legal curse on her best friend, she will have to blackmail the emperor himself... Come read about her plans, and the world in which she lives!
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The adjustable house technology has been allowed by the invention of organic magitech—the anchoring of complex magic in plants and fungi. It allows for all rooms of a building to move freely, thus making stairs and corridors useless in residential buildings and even reducing the walking that has to be done to travel through cities.    
The technology
Basis: inside the walls of a building are placed plants and fungi that have been bioengineered to contain runic diagrams that can anchor complex enchantments. For adjustable house technology, domi moss is a big favourite.   Magic: All buildings are divided into cubic-shaped sections that can be magically inverted to go to any place inside the building. Adjustable technology can be layered, with the rooms inside each section also moving in regards to each other. The technology is often combined inside the same moss with the magic that anchors wards.   Limits: There cannot be an infinite number of sections or rooms, as there needs to be enough actual physical space for all of them at all times. In addition, the higher the number of rooms, the more complicated the magic is—and so the more expensive the moss is to bioengineer and the more care it requires.   Care: The moss has to be carefully cared for with regular watering and feeding. All building owners have to make a choice between synthesising or carnivorous mosses, both having advantages and disadvantages. See domi moss for more details.
The impact
Apartment buildings: They are towers with one apartment per floor. The entrance lobbies on the ground floor or the roof serve as a travelling room that allows people to move to any apartment. Then, the rooms inside an apartment move in regards to each other so that someone always has the room they need just next to themselves. This results in a lack of stairs that has allowed buildings to become extremely tall.   Windows: In luxury buildings, all windows can be connected to their own moss network so that they always show up a view from specific floors regardless of where the apartments are currently located. This has led some buildings to become extremely compact without care for the location of the rooms. In poorer buildings, windows show the view from the current floor on which they are located at a given moment, sometimes changing place at dizzying speed.   Bigger buildings: To simply the design of the magic, one moss and its adjustable technology link together all the rooms of one floor only, with a similar moss system being on every floor. Another moss system links each floor together on a vertical level. Thus instead of 2 doors, people need to go through a whole 4 before getting to their location, occasioning many complaints...   Roofs: They are reserved for communal gardens and the access to flying vehicles.   City travelling: Adjustable house technology has been installed along the side of some roads to allow for the easy travel from one end to another. However, this is still a work in progress, as teleportation is not possible and so this requires a huge building to link one end to the other so that the rooms can move alongside them.
Hélène pushed the entrance doors of Building 3A Rune and stepped into the pitch dark lobby. As soon as it closed behind her, the walls illuminated with an inner light, revealing complex runic diagrams.   Hélène headed straight for the big, bright red rectangle painted on the wall to highlight the control section of the diagram and the list of apartment numbers. She put her finger on the triangle that stood next to hers and pushed her magic inside of it. The light around her brightened briefly as the wards scanned her and determined her right to enter. As soon as she was approved, the light went out and the door behind her opened again.   She stepped out directly into her living room right in front of the huge bay window overbooking the city of Quanahr from the top floor of the building.
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'In poorer buildings, windows show the view from the current floor on which they are located at a given moment, sometimes changing place at dizzying speed.' God, I would keep the curtains closed at all times. XD   I love this. This has so many different implications and possibilities.

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