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Welcome to Imperial Soulmates! In a gigantic and futuristic fantasy empire filled with solarpunk magitechs, Hélène is hiding that she's one of the emperor's soulmates. However, to lift the legal curse on her best friend, she will have to blackmail the emperor himself... Come read about her plans, and the world in which she lives!
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As everyone in the empire will tell you, soulmates are individuals that are perfect for each other. However, the chances of finding one of your soulmates throughout the entire world population is so low, most people only seem to remember the drivel from romance stories rather than the actual reality...    
What are soulmates?
Definition: "Soulmates" are not romantic or sexual partners. They're simply people who share the same magical affinity, i.e., their magic is identical and from a magical point of view they are the same person.   Rarity and its consequences: It's estimated that one person has between half a dozen to a dozen soulmates all over the world. The chances of even finding just one during your lifetime are very limited, let alone of finding one in your age range that you are romantically and/or sexually attracted to. This is why most known soulmates are old, as this means they've had more chances of finding each other.
Soulmated couples
A few soulmated couples still happen sometimes, and they're all very famous and treated as exceptionally gifted and fated. Having sex with a soulmate is said to be incomparable, and romantic relationship are also supposed to be deeper. Because of this, many people believes anyone who meets a soulmate should attempt to have a relationship with them.
Soulmates' magic
Rituals: Even people who are not romantic still hopes to find a soulmate during their life time for magical reasons: soulmated individuals are great at working big feats of magic together such as complex rituals.   Offering their services: As soon as two soulmates meet each other, they come under the care of their local federal government which gives them special magical training. Thereafter, any imperial citizen can contact the soulmates via the local government and bid for their assistance in running rituals or working complex magics. Most soulmates, however, charge exorbitant fees.
Bad security
Because magic does not differentiates soulmates from each other, they will always be able to go through each other wards or interact with magic that is bound to one of them. Thus, even those believing that soulmates are overhyped ought to maintain good relationships with their soulmates if they don't want to put themselves in danger.
The emperor's soulmates
Lots of soulmates: The emperor's magic is present throughout the empire, and so an incredible amount of people are exposed to it and are able to discover if they are soulmates. Thus, he has a far higher chances than anyone else of discovering them. It is also well known that imperial soulmates have a standing "invitation" to move to the palace and live a life full of luxuries.   Imperial soulmates: As soon as they start their reign, most emperors quickly build up a group of up to a dozen soulmates living with them and serving them in whatever ways are best suited to their skills. Those soulmates are for example elite fighters acting as imperial bodyguards, ministers of the imperial government, spoilt artists or scholars, ritual buddies... While this group is not a harem, emperors often end up taking lovers and one or more spouses from among them.
The number of soulmates
There are a lot of speculations about what is the total number of soulmates any individual has in the world at the same time.  

Common theory 1
The number is random and different for every soulmated groups—with some people potentially not having any soulmates at all.

Common theory 2
It must be a magically-significant number, either the same for everyone or a different one.
    This second group can further be divided into 2 theories:

Common theory 2-1
The number is an "aim" towards which the universe tend to by triggering the conception of new soulmates.   However, miscarriages are common, and if a foetus or baby is not carried to term, the whole process need to start again from scratch. Thus, years of delays before the soulmate number can be reach are very common. Until then, it is thought that the soulmated group's magic suffers.

Common theory 2-2
The number is always true. This means that as soon as one soulmate gives their last breath, this leads to the birth and first breath of a new one.   The only way for the total number of humans on the planet to change is for all members of a soulmate groups to die or be born at the same time.
What number? Until recently, the magically-significant number was commonly thought to be 9, as this is the maximum number reached by any emperor. However, Hélène knows this is wrong as she is the current emperor's number 10. When she bothers to think about this, she speculates on whether this is the maximum number or if there are more soulmates left to discover, with 12 (multiple of 3, a favourite magical number), or 13 (especially magically-significant for curses) being good bets.    
What to do with bad soulmates?
The disagreement between both theories 1 and 2 has one practical application: whether it is a good idea or not to murder your soulmate to try to get a better one.   Only the emperors can hope to have a chance of finding several soulmates in their lifetime—and of course several emperors have had to put this to the test. However, everyone takes interest in this question as this impact on their emperor's magic and mind. After all, it's always good to know when it's a good time to plot a coup...
"The Emperor is interfering again in our affaires!" Grandmother threw the letter away and started to pace. If she was anyone else, she would be swearing profusely.   Hélène eyed her for a moment before carefully making her way to the desk to inspect the imperial letter. Her fingers barely brush it when its magic zapped her. What? But—That was not protective wards—Grandmother had dispelled those, and the magic was far from hostile. No, this was a warm embrace, so perfectly accepting and lovely, without an ounce of mismatch or asperity.   This was her soulmate. The man with whom she would be supposed to spend the rest of her life—and a life that promise to be full of every luxury and of powerful individuals dotting on her.   Hélène's fingers spasmed and she threw the letter and its disgusting magic away from her.   "Terrible, isn't it?" Grandmother asked suddenly.   "Indeed. Extremely loathsome. I hope to never meet the man."
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