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Defend Iheya!

POSTED -- All able bodies report to Untenri Port Station for immediate mobilization.   You are needed to assist with defending the kingdom!!   Iheya has been invaded and your skills are needed to help drive back the scourge that has come from below and beyond.   Any skill, leatherworker, blacksmith, simple mage, tailors, chefs and line cooks, Uminchu, izakaya, boatsmen, rail handlers with your combat rail, tech-comm specialists, retired expeditionary, retired envoy, retired scholar mage, any and everyone with a skill report to Untenri Port Station for immediate screening and assignment.   The scourge is real!! Demons, Uni, Yokai and Yurei have not only arrived, but begun to destroy our neighbors homes and livelihoods.   These aren't just rumors told by some outsiders. If it cant be stopped, they will continue their invasion and arrive on all shores. We must band together as we all did harkening back to the External Conflict of Toshi14 and not only prevent their spread, but push them back where they came from.   FACTS: ~Invasion began after the Harvest Festival Typhoon Toshi1013 which coincides with theĀ  opening of a portal due to another event involving Inarai post typhoon. ~Demons have arrived ~as of 12ddd23 only Iheya is affected ~The cloud surrounding the island is not hazardous but exists from the portal opening   Your skills will be put to use in Camp Ai-land Yonezaki on the adjoining Island of Nohori where the forward operating base of operations for planning and forward deployment is located. Here is where most of your skills are needed to feed both weapons and food tot hose who would defend us and to retake the island back and return it to our neighbors. Everyone recalls that Iheya is vital to our Kingdoms favorite rice, sweets and awamori flavors. We must push this menace back to the realm they came from.


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