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Shining in the Shadows

This thesis touches on the thriving of the plants in this world despite the unnatural light sources, taking into account both the metaphysical and magical influences of this world.
— Adaptive Mechanisms in Low-Light Environments, Final Thesis of Botanist Beth Nora Atwood


The question "How come everything blooms around us" has stood in my mind since my arrival. After extensive research both in and outside of the field I have concluded that this phenomenon is both attributeable to the combination of flora structure and the chaotic magical nature of Ignotas. Plantlife here is adapted to survive on very little light to begin with, being actually "overloaded" on light when exposed to too much of it. As for the source of light, we see a wide variety of luminescent plants in the wild, as well as star and moonlight. There is way more to it, which is all explained in this thesis.

The Life that gives Life

Shedding and Receiving Light

The first lead I wanted to explore was "Do the plants act upon photosynthesis?", which yes, they do. The plants have adapted to the low light levels and created a supporting mechansim additional to the photosynthesis process I called "Subterranean Fervorsynthesis", which is basically the ability to harnest the warmth from underground. I came up with the theory of this happening because of the abnormally long roots even the most simplest plants have.


Experiment Log #7, Fervor-Photo-Scale
With the newly constructed Plant Energy Regulator maschine my colleague made, I was able to change the heat and light input on various test subjects, bringing me to the conclusion that most plants need both sources of energy to work, yet can survive on drastically low levels of light given a higher heat input.
— Beth Nora Atwood

Fungi Flora

Mushrooms and the kind did not need light in the old world as well, yet I still wanted to give them some attention. Turns out, that was a great thing to do, since I am fairly certain to have discovered what I call "Mycoflora Symbiosis", a connection between underground mycorrhizal fungi and basic photosynthetic flora. Turns out plants not only have such intricate roots for heat absorbtion, but to connect to fungi caps. These fungi supply spores that are converted into raw energy through the warmth transported within the roots of the plants.

Cathrea Backtrack

This entire complex system seemed too good to be true not to be supported by magiks, so I just tested it. I enhanced my Plant Energy Regulator to allow for another mycelial organisms variable and let the ecosystem run, attaching a basic mana reader, yet to no avail. With the absence of magical influence in this experiment, I thought back to the Old World, and inquired experts of botanical research about the possibility of this happening on Cathrea as well, to which we came to the conclusion of "Yes, would the world have developed differently, it wouldn't have been impossible for nature to mutate in such a way".

Arcane Variable

This is the part that stumped me the most. I am not a master of the arcane arts and neither am qualified to make any assumptions on the topic, so I simply observed.
Arcane Observatory #9, Astral Influence
While my mana readers were unable to detect a reasonable amount of magical influence in flora, they did find a "natural occuring fluctuation" of vitality during various times of the day. Especially interesting here was a particular star, shining in a hollow red hue which I named the "Blooming Leyline Print". Whenever this star appeared in the darkened sky, the flora spiked in vitality readings. Luminescent plantlife even shone visibly brighter than normal.
— Beth Nora Atwood

Blooming Leyline Print

Whatever this star is, it has something to do with the life all around us. The extent of this influence is yet unknown to me but a scientist more capable in the arcane arts might know more about it. For now only one thing is certain:
Life on this planet is no coincidence. Nature has a plan for every organism, because if she hadn't, the flora, and my extension we, wouldn't be alive right now.

Closing Words

With this thesis, my research on plant life is concluded, at least for now. This should serve as a solid foundation to build upon and I am hopeful in uncovering what this world further has in store for us. I feel like this is not yet the whole story, and I will definitely work on this piece of literature further. More importantly, I will need to find a soul well versed in the arcane arts willing to venture into this mysterious void of questions with me, because I dread without one, I will be at my wits end soon. However the case may be, I am proud of the research I concluded during this paper and I hope it helps soulkind grow.
Beth Nora Atwood
Metaphysical and Magical Plant Growth

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Special Thanks

Special Thanks go to Professor. Forge and Professor Larke for the insight as well as supplying personal funds to support this project. Additionally, I would like to thank fellow student Alden Raph Letchford for supporting me with the Plant Energy Regulator as well as through countless insights through another lense, without you, this wouldn't have been possible.


Blooming Leyline Print
Fungi-Plant Symbiosis
Beth Nora Atwood's Lab


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