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Did you hear? The Plant Matters supposedly found another species! What does that make now, six? I can't wait to read the report!
— First year Botanist conversations

What Plant did they find this time?

I think I heard someone say that is was a very mundane looking one. I am good friends with someone that knows the Plant Matters leading Botanist well, and he told me that they were lucky to even have found it because of its common look. Apparently, the flower leaves curl upwards into a sort of onion-shaped hat, with a grey-red hue to it.

And why is this plant so special then?

Because, allegedly, inside the hollow onion head, a gemstone grows, kind of like a sea shell. I think he said something about that gem being highly conductive to magic. Something like a very small arcane focus. And with the recent Artificing and Trinketing advancements, I think the Plant Matters would love to market them to Artificers.

Ok woah, where did they even find such a plant?!

Apparently, they aren't even that rare. They are just that common looking that they blend in quite easily. Though I heard my friend say in passing that they would go out to collect more soon, around the valleys on the far eastern side of the Vapor Peaks where water collectes at the bottom of these crevices. I wonder why no rivers have formed there... I've been there and it definitely looks like a place where a river should belong to.
Scientific Name
PM Vitreus Galerus
Onionhead by ecl1psed

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