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One of the most signifiant of a dragon's powers, rivaled only by shapeshifting. With the brand a dragon can grant immortality, but it comes with many other effects that gives the dragon power over the branded. Because of this each dragon has their philosophy on how to use it. People who have been branded are known as a drake  
"I wish the brand only made people immortal. I don't want to have power over other people, I just don't want my friends to die." - Aodh, the red dragon of fire.
  Branding has a total of four primary effects. Immortality, telepathy, and elemental control will always be granted to someone who has been branded. The fourth effect is that once a year a dragon can issue a drake an irrefusable order that the drake is physically incapable of disobeying. If a full day has passed with the order somehow not being fulfilled it will cease to be binding. For example if the irrefusable order is used to make a drake stand still indefinitely it will only be in effect for a single day. A dragon is incapable of making an order last for longer. It is possible for a dragon to revoke an irrefusable order.    
"I don't have the same hesitation my siblings do when using the brand. Power is meant to be used, and this power is meant so we don't have to be alone. But, I do wish it was possible to withhold the order that can't be refused for certain people. I don't want or need that kind of control over my wife." - Hákon, the white dragon of ice.
  When a drake is issued an irrefusable order their brand will light up. The dragons have developed a trick of using their irrefusable orders on minor tasks at the start of the year to greatly reduce the role it plays in their relationship with their drakes. The brand for each dragon has a different appearance, generally related to the element of the dragon in question. It will appear wherever the dragon made contact with the target's body.  
"The brand is both blessing and curse in my opinion. I'm terrified of how much power I possess over my drakes. However, I can't deny that I would be lonely without them by my side. I just hope I never betray the trust they put in me." - Hyperion, the golden dragon of light.
  The drake will be healed of all wounds and sleep for two days after being branded. This is so their brain can adapt to the physiological changes made to them, such as establishing the telepathic link with the dragon. Since mortals were meant to be mortal there are also changes needed to make them withstand eternity. The brand also halts aging past a certain point, the exact threshold is unclear. No drake has ever suffered a negative effect of aging.
"To brand someone is not a choice to be made lightly. I've devised my own system of ensuring those who receive it have a full understanding of what it entails and have thought deeply about if they are still willing to be branded. It is a bit tedious, but I imagine most prefer tedious essays and speeches over an eternity of regret." - Nisha, the black dragon of metal.
Gestures & Ritual
The user must make physical contact with the target.
Dragon Exclusive
Applied Restriction
Only the five dominant races can be branded. Drakes of one dragon can't be branded by another dragon.

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