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Four stars fell from the heavens and onto four different parts of Hybridis. These stars became the four dragons: Aodh, Hákon, Nisha, and Hyperion.     While the introduction of dragons changed the world, it took time for those changes to be noticed. Although each dragon had been born as an adult with some basic knowledge of the local culture, they were unaware of each other. As rumors and stories spread, people learned of the dragons, and the dragons learned that they were not one of a kind.      
Us dragons are unlike any other creature. Stories have traveled far and wide speaking of our immense power and strange nature, it is my intent to draw attention to how our uniqueness is not inherently better than the norm. I have no father or mother, I came into this world alone and without a guide. The fact that I was born possessing knowledge of complex things such as language can be considered compensation. However, can anything compensate for having no inheritance, no traditions to carry on, and no reference for my place in the world?   -Nisha, On the Role of Dragons in the World
    In time, the first meeting of dragons was held. By then each dragon had already taken in their local culture, and developed their own ideas on how best to interact with mortals. Despite the high tensions during their meeting, they came to consider each other as siblings.  

Dragons and Drakes

It is odd to single out just one part of the dragons for questioning, but I have been wondering why a power such as branding exists. If it was merely the sharing of eternal life, then it would simply be a way for the dragons to find companions amongst mortals. Yet with the kind of power a dragon has over their drakes, it seems that drakes are supposed to be the thralls of a dragon, not their friends. Aodh would never make someone into a thrall, so why does he have a power that slavers wish they had, a power that he wishes he didn't have?   -Ciara, A Draconic Chronicle
  Of all the various powers that dragons possess, it is the power of branding which has shaped the world the most. Those who are branded by a dragon are known as a drake, and they share in the power and immortality of the dragon. This comes at the cost of the dragon being able to freely look through the drake's mind and issue orders the drake is physically incapable of defying.   Dragons are also capable of telepathic communication, but only with each other and their respective drakes. Strangely, they only became capable of telepathic communication with each other after meeting face to face. Furthermore each of the dragons can control a different element. Hyperion holds dominion over light, Aodh has mastery of fire, Nisha manipulates metal, and Hákon commands ice.   Interacting with the other people of Hybridis is made easier by the power of shapeshifting. Shapeshifting is also the draconic power with the most obvious and clear limitations. Each of the dragons have only five other forms they can assume, one for each of the mortal races. Even in those forms the dragons retain their tail and wings, but they are scaled down proportionally.   Additionally, dragons have different rules governing hybridization. The child of a dragon will always be the race of their non-dragon parent, but have the tail and wings of their dragon parent. Despite the likely connection to shapeshifting, it and branding are the two draconic powers a half dragon does not inherit.  
Gifts from the Heavens
  In addition to the dragons, each of the four falling stars created something else as well. They are listed below with their paired dragon.
  • Aodh: Red Dancers
  • Nisha: Tower Trees
  • Hákon: Jackalopes
  • Hyperion: Radiant Gemstones
Impact on the World
    With their immense power, it should come as no surprise that the dragons have made a significant impact on the course of history. When looking for an example, one need look no further than the story of Hyperion and Dark Lord Cyrus   Hyperion was content to live a quiet life in the town of Photens, then the soldiers of the Dark Lord threatened its people. The result was a sequence of events that led to Hyperion joining the rebellion against Cyrus and bringing the Dark Lord's reign to a swift end.   After that, the various peoples of the Mondragnes desert adopted two new unofficial policies. Don't anger Hyperion, and don't even throw a rock at Photens if you enjoy living.  
It was then that Master Hákon made his proposition to his kin, that they conquer the world and divide it amongst themselves, so that all could know stability and joy.   In response Lady Nisha offered her arguments for why such a plan would fail to truly better the lives of mortals, and Master Hákon accepted her logic.   He has thus sworn to concentrate on improving the conditions of his own thralls and estate.   -Dagr Hákonthrall
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  • To learn more about the draconic powers and see the contrast between the dragons attitudes towards it, read branding.
  • If you're curious about the homelands of each dragon, see Lunis for Aodh, Mondragnes for Hyperion, The Layered Forest for Nisha, and Vethsmärholm for Hákon.

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