black mana

Also known as Dark Mana, Pure Black Mana, Shadow Mana.     While all things have some mana, not everyone has enough affinity for it to manifest their mana. However, for those who manifest their mana, those who are enveloped by shadows and black are ones whose lives are changed forever. Pure black mana is an affinity that you are born with and it cannot be changed thereafter. Those outside of nobility are branded, becoming outcasts of the society, most leading a worse life with the exception of those found by the Hollow Society. Even for nobility black mana is still considered a stigma, one that is kept secret at all costs.   Those who manifest their affinity for pure black mana can learn shadow magic with ease, where as regular mana has to be first converted in order to tap to shadows. Black mana is also one of the only things that helps protect the user from the influence of Shadow Realms. Still this protection is only temporary.   Those who posses black mana have an innate resistance towards shadow magic and spells that directly affect soul or mind are significantly less effective against them. Due to these desirable effects, a lot of high ranking nobilities and merchants opt to use jewelry with a black garnet that stores pure black mana within. These are a necessary evil to protect against the dark magic. Some believe it may also be the reason why the church doesn't appear to be doing anything with the Hollow Society.   While black mana is hated, it is still required as it is the best form of protection against forbidden magic that tampers with the soul used by the various demon cultists and mind control magic employed by various dark magicians. When a single charm can prevent your thoughts from being read, it is best to keep those around who can craft said charms. As people are naturally born with pure black mana, the One Church has no option but to compromise.


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