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Masters of the mysterious arts. Guardians of lost relics and ancient knowledge.
It’s in the whisper of the wind, the ebb of the tide, or in the silent song of mountains. The secrets of the Arcana beckon to those brave enough to listen.
- Archbinder Lyra Valtor of the Dawnrunner Order
Tales the world over tell the myth and legend of wizards. Witches. Spellcasters adorned in mysterious robes and sometimes pointed hats sewn with arcane symbols. Not a single word of it is true.
Because it takes strength to blur reality. Physical and mental strength. A sharp eye for detail along with skill to shape the power. Then there is the endurance to survive while the magic is merrily trying to carve a piece out of the practitioner’s hide in return.
Ancient secrets and unseen powers are your stock and trade. You’re known, like any of your profession, as one who taps into unseen currents of power. Using tattoos, rune-inscribed pocket watches and more, you balance those currents of energy to weave spells that defy the laws of nature. You are a Wavebinder. A strong, athletic, intimidating figure with storm-tossed eyes that see the web of magic that binds together the world and everyone in it.
As a Wavebinder, you gain XP when you unravel ancient mysteries, harness magic for practical use to help your crew, or use your knowledge of Etherwave Arcana lore to navigate challenges.
So use intricate hand gestures and resonating incantations to weave spells that blur the laws of physics. Use rune-scribed device or intricate tattoos to summon power beyond imagination to defend your allies. Dive deep into ruins for lost knowledge of magic from both Earth or Otherworld’s past. No matter which you do, you’re an uncommon figure of power, lore, and at times wisdom. Even if you may not follow that wisdom yourself.


Wavebinder Starting Actions

  • Study 1
  • Channel 2
  • Wavebinder Starting Abilities

  • Arcane Attunement

    Starting Builds

    Instead of the typical Wavebinder, feel free to use one of the following templates.  


    Combat and war magic is your ball of enchanted wax. A specialist who wields offensive magic with precision and power.

    Relic Hunter

    You’re an explorer and archaeologist who seeks out ancient artifacts imbued with magical energy. It’s the thirst for knowledge and history that drives you as much as magic.

    Suggested Actions
  • Skirmish 1
  • Channel 2
  • Suggested Actions
  • Track 1
  • Craft 1
  • Channel 1
    Starting Ability
  • Mystic Shield
  • Starting Gear
  • Starfire Pistol
  • Etched Pocketwatch
  • Spellweaver's Cloak

  • Starting Ability
  • Arcane Echo
  • Starting Gear
  • Eldritch Compass
  • Explorer's Kit
  • Ancient Map



    You’ve a deep connection to the natural forces of the world. With your skill, you’re capable of invoking powerful elemental magic.


    To you, spells are but puzzles ripe to be unraveled. Mystical knots that can be unwound, then rewound to serve you. You are skilled in countermagic, adept at dispelling and stealing magical energies.

    Suggested Actions
  • Channel 1
  • Maneuver 1
  • Remedy 1
  • Suggested Actions
  • Channel 1
  • Stealth 1
  • Wreck 1
    Starting Ability
  • Elemental Harmony
  • Starting Gear
  • Elemental Stones
  • Engraved Wand
  • Fine Long Coat

  • Starting Ability
  • Arcane Absorption
  • Starting Gear
  • Arcane Nullifier
  • Silk gloves with runes
  • Spellbook of Counterspells

    Alternative Names
    • Arcanists
    • Etherweavers
    • Pulsebinders
    • Wave-warpers
    • Arcane Meddlers (slightly derogatory)
    • Spell Twisters (derogatory)
    • Ether Fools (derogatory)
    Ranks & Titles


    Profession Questions

  • What attracted you to study the Etherwave Arcana? Curiosity? Natural talent?
  • Was there a memorable moment when you successfully channeled the Arcana? What was it?
  • Describe a time when you faced the consequences for misusing or losing control over the Arcana during a casting. What was your reaction?
  • Is there a particular type of magic, magical effect, or even relic you have been obsessed with either uncovering or mastering?


    Friends and Rivals

    Here are some suggestions for trusted friends and bitter rivals.  


    Eldrin Gale
    A seasoned Navigator and mentor in the ways of the Arcana.
    Mira Starwhisper
    A fellow Wavebinder who specializes in divination and foresight.
    Thorn Ironshard
    A blacksmith who crafts magical weapons and artifacts.
    Lysa Sunweave
    A herbalist knowledgeable in potions and alchemical mixtures.


    Cyrus Darkweave
    A Wavebinder who delved too deeply into forbidden magic.
    Professor Kaelen
    A skeptical academic who doubts the existence of true magic.
    Raven Shadowcloak
    A rogue Spellfilcher known for stealing magical secrets.
    Marissa Brightfire
    A rival Elementalist competing for recognition and power.

    Wavebinder Special Abilities

    Arcane Attunement
    You have a deep connection to the Etherwave Aracana, allowing you to sense and manipulate its flow with greater ease. This grants you a +1d when you Channel to cast spells or interact with magical phenomena.
    Likewise, you are able to push yourself to project your mind through the Etherwave Arcana. This allows you to communicate telepathically with allies, or view remote locations. If viewing a remote location, it requires you to enter a trace-like state where you will be unable to defend yourself from any attack.
    Arcane Absorption
    Thought study, trial and error, you’ve honed the art of absorbing and redirecting magical energies. That redirection could be a counterspell or to steal the spell and store it in an object.
    You can push yourself to defend against a magical attack or effect to absorb a portion of that energy. Once absorbed, you can use that magic to reduce the stress cost of your next spell by 1, or release it as raw magical power.
    In addition, you can spend 1 stress to steal the spell and store it intact in a relic or object. Once stored, you can cast it back out a target of your choosing. Stored spells only remain intact for one scene before they evaporate.
    Alchemist’s Eye
    The mix of magic and potions are no mystery to you. You can Channel Arcane energy into the potions you mix with the skill of an artist. When you create a potion, you can imbue it with additional effects or qualities outside that of ordinary alchemy. This may include heightened intensity or other effects based on your arcane knowledge.
    Potion effects crafted with this ability last for the duration of one scene. These potions you’ve crafted have increased potency for more significant or prolonged outcomes within that scene, as determined by the GM.
    Arcane Echo
    Channeling the Etherwave Arcana isn’t without consequences. One of those is that residual magical energy is left behind. You have a talent for tapping into those energies from other Wavebinders or magical events.
    When you encounter a location or object with a magical history or aura, you can push yourself to glean some insight about it. Clues or information that might otherwise be hidden to the casual observer.
    In addition, you can spend 1 stress to gain a +1d to detect hidden magic and relics.
    Elemental Caller
    Nature itself is your ally and friend. In time of need, you may push yourself to call upon a minor elemental spirit for assistance. The element can perform simple tasks, deliver a message, or act as a distraction. It cannot engage directly in combat, but can help in other ways, such as moving small objects, providing light, and so on. The spirit remains for one scene or until dismissed.
    Etherwave Crafting
    Your skill in manipulating the Etherwave Arcana extends to the creation of enchanted items. This covers any from magical devices to rune-carved relics. You can Craft items so that they are imbued with temporary magical effects such as boots that silence footsteps and more.
    The creation process itself requires downtime and resources, and the effects last for a limited number of uses.
    Elemental Harmony
    You’ve always been drawn to the primal forces of nature in your magic. So much that more easily feel a harmony with one element or another. Choose an element, such as fire, water, air, wood, or earth that you’ve specialized in.
    This gives you a +1 effect when you Channel spells or abilities related to your preferred element. It can manifest through enhanced control, greater potency, or additional effects within that element domain as determined by the GM.
    Weaving illusions and bending light is as easy as taking a breath. You can craft illusions to deceive the senses when you Channel the Arcana. Those illusions are convincing but can’t physically interact with the world. But they are excellent for distractions, misdirection, or camouflage with a +1 effect.
    Mind Over Matter
    You’ve spent hours in your mastery over moving objects or even people with a blend of magic controlled by your mind. You can push yourself to Channel the Etherwave Arcana to lift and manipulate objects up to the size of an adult human a short range. This includes propelling yourself over that short range to run at blinding speed, or disarm one opponent.
    Mystic Shield
    You’re able to Channel the Etherwave Arcana to conjure a shimmering barrier of magic to protect yourself or an ally. This semi-transparent barrier can resist most any physical and magical attacks, granting a +1 defense against physical and magical threats for you or one of your allies. If you spend 1 stress you can reduce harm by 1 to you or one of your allies.
    Soothing Balm
    Where some study how to destroy, you’re drawn in the other direction. You’ve a deep understanding of the healing aspects of the Etherwave Arcana. Through magic, you are able to Remedy a wound on yourself or an ally. When you do, you grant a +1 effect on a recovery roll for yourself or that ally. This can be used to stabilize critical conditions but cannot bring someone back from death.

    Typical Wavebinder Items

    A typical list of suggested items to choose from that a Wavebinder might have on them.  


    A short blade, ideal for close combat or as a tool. (0 load
    Engraved Wand
    A rune-engraved wand made from polished oak or similar wood. The interior of the wand contains a fine powder that is a mix of ground stone and other materials that are charged with Arcana energy. These are often used as a focus since they increase the potency of a magical casting (0 load)
    A fine quality cutlass, dagger, short sword, sword-cane or similar blade that has been engraved with ancient runes that glow when near sources of powerful magic. The glow cannot be concealed by any means. (1 load)
    Starfire Pistol
    This is a clockwork pistol with a mystical charge. It fires brilliant bursts of energy and needs to recharge after three shots. The mystic signature attracts supernatural creatures who attack on sight. (1 load)


    Adept’s Vest
    This is a fitted, multi-pocket vest of brushed canvas with leather trim. It has inner pockets designed to hold a collection of small, narrow potions and other arcane devices. The leather trim often has buttons engraved with ancient runes that help the wearer focus when they Channel the Etherwave Arcana. This vest is often durable enough that it can protect the wearer against the stray dagger or flying gear. (0 load)
    Fine Long Coat
    Provides some protection against the elements, the occasional dagger, and makes the wearer look dashing. (1 load)
    Silk Gloves
    Another popular woven silk item, this comes in various colors. Some Wavebinders take care to have runes sewn into the outside that help them when they Channel the Arcana for specific magical effects. (0 load)

    Attire (cont)

    Spellweaver's Cloak
    A neutral colored wool cloak that provides protection and aids in stealth during magical endeavors. When worn, it can conceal the glow of a magical incant, blocking use of Arcane Echo or magical effects from items unless otherwise specified. (1 load)
    Wavebinder’s Attire
    This is a durable outfit of canvas trousers, boots, shirt and even an outer shirt not unlike a waist-length kimono-like shirt. Simple to wash, it’s durable for travel and the active rigorous life of a Wavebinder. (1 load)

    Personal Items

    Etched Pocketwatch
    This pocketwatch is a silvered, bronze, or brass pocketwatch that has several grimling runes etched along its edge. Once wound, the watch can be used to store a spell for later in one scene if stored during downtime. Otherwise, it can be used to increase the potency of casting spells related to metals, or elemental magic. (0 load)
    Forbidden Scroll
    This is a scroll of dangerous, malevolent text, written in a language that seems to shift and squirm. What is dangerous about the message on this scroll? Is it Dark Magic designed to corrupt the caster? Work with the GM about what is on this scroll and how it affects you if you ether read, carry, or cast it. (0 load)
    Map of Ley Lines
    This is a large, detailed wax canvas map that shows the shifting invisible lines of magical power of the Etherwave Arcana. Areas where a skilled Wavebinder could use for greater potency when they Channel the Arcana for a spell. (0 load)
    This pocket-sized or slightly larger book contains your most treasured spells. Some are inked in ancient, almost forgotten languages. Others are in more modern script. These could be a book of counterspells, elemental spells, or more. (1 load)


    Arcane Nullifier
    This egg-sized mystical device is a ball made of small metal rings inscribed with ancient Sunweaver thayan runes. These rings can be turned to align the different runes to nullify a variety of spells from elemental to arcane energy.
    Once the owner aligns the rings in quick action against a specified type of magic, the device activates. It spins, hovering in the air next to the owner and generates a protective magical field. This field provides a +1 effect to defend against magic effects. (0 load)
    Crystal Prism
    This polished and cut crystal is worn as an amulet on a silver chain. The clear crystal is used to focus or diffuse magical energy. Under normal use, if the wearer push themselves, they are able to gain a +1 effect when they attempt to defend against a magical attack. A wearer may also spend 1 stress to use the crystal to reflect a magical attack at another target. (0 load)
    Eldritch Compass
    This unusual, palm-sized compass, is housed in a weathered square wooden box. It’s attuned to the flow of the Etherwave Arcana and will point toward sources of strong magic. While it can lead the way, it cannot point out specific magical sources, such as one jar among a shelf of ten, only a general compass direction.
    If the person holding the compass concentrates, they can spend 1 stress to have the compass show the direction to a place or item they visualize. (0 load)
    Elemental Stones
    This trio of large, marble-sized stones are infused with the raw power of the elements. Each stone is laced with curving lines of white, blue, or yellow intricate knotwork. The stones are attuned to a particular element, which grants a Wavebinder potency with that given element.
    A Wavebinder may not carry two different types of elemental stones on them. Also, stones from different elements may not be mixed. If they do, the stones crumble to dust. (0 load)
    Satchel/Courier Bag
    Often canvas with a leather shoulder strap, this is a small bag for carrying a variety of items. (0 load)

    Cover image: Midnight Oil by CB Ash using Krita and MidJourney


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