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Smooth-talking diplomats and infiltrators skilled in manipulating social situations with ease.
In the game of power and the dance of intrigue, the sharpest weapon is a silver tongue.
- Lady Sorna Valeen of Tomia Torgazi
The world is rich in political intrigue and a broad tapestry of cultures. Islands in the rivers of society that make up the world. Envoys are the bridge between those islands. Skilled social agents who excel in the ability to defuse tensions, negotiate terms, or navigate the deadly world of courtly nobles.
Envoys are adaptable and nimble. They’re comfortable whispering secrets in the corners of a tavern. But could be later negotiating treaties with ease beneath the grand chandeliers of a palace or on the deck of a warship. They are the picture of calm and collected in a storm of strife. You are an Envoy. The smooth negotiator who prevails when cooler heads are needed.
As an Envoy, you gain xp when you handle situations through diplomacy, negotiation, or verbal deceit rather than direct confrontation.
Using your wit, charm, and intelligence, you weave delicate webs of social influence. You could be representing your crew, negotiating trade deals, or gathering crucial information for a job or faction you work for. No matter what, you work to stay several moves ahead in that complex game of social chess. After all, there is no reward for second place.

Envoy Starting Actions

  • Sway 1
  • Consort 2
  • Envoy Starting Ability

  • Emissary’s Grace

    Starting Builds

    If designing your own Envoy isn’t your cup of tea, select a starting build to help get you going.  


    You’ve always had a talent to forge connections and partnerships. To turn potential foes into allies. For you, negotiation isn’t just something you’re trained in, it’s your art form.


    You’ve a knack for misdirection and deceit, allowing you to play multiple roles with ease. A master of disguise and manipulation, you’re able to con your way into or out of most situations.


    The art of diplomacy has many hidden paths, and you know many of them. Not just a spy, you understand the art of blending in with other societies and its ranks. Once there, you gather information and even sabotage foes when necessary from the inside.
    Suggested Actions
  • Consort 1
  • Study 1
  • Sway 1
  • Suggested Actions
  • Sway 2
  • Perform 1
  • Suggested Actions
  • Perform 1
  • Stealth 2
    Starting Ability
  • Treaty Maker
  • Starting Gear
  • Diplomatic Seal or Signet Ring
  • Journal and Quill
  • Translation lexicon of various languages

  • Starting Ability
  • Silver Tongued
  • Starting Gear
  • Disguise Kit
  • Fake documents and credentials
  • Collection of various currencies
  • Starting Ability
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • Starting Gear
  • Concealed blade
  • Codebook for encrypted messages
  • Pocket-sized lockpick set

    Envoy Special Abilities

    Treaty Maker
    When you engage in formal negotiations, you gain a +1 effect in the attempt to ensure favorable terms for your crew.
    Silver Tongued
    When you are manipulating or lying to someone, you can push yourself for 1 less stress in the attempt.
    Behind Enemy Lines
    You’ve a knack for blending in and infiltrating hostile territory. Attempts to gather information while undercover gain a +1d. If you wreck something in a sabotage attempt, the damage is easily overlooked and hidden from casual inspection.
    Listener’s Ear
    You have a talent for catching the undercurrents in conversations, from subtle secrets to hidden agendas. When in a conversation, or even eavesdropping, you easily can catch those hidden meanings.
    Echo of Truth
    Even your lies have an air of truth, making them hard to challenge or disprove. When attempting to deceive someone, you can push yourself for 1 less stress to convince your listener your lie could be the honest truth.
    Emissary’s Grace
    When you represent a group or negotiate on the behalf of others, you gain +1d because of your connections and esteemed reputation.
    You are able to slip on any identity like a second skin. A disguise so complete, sometimes even your crew isn’t sure who you are. When you disguise yourself, you gain +1 effect to perform and fool others with this disguise.
    Whispered Alliances
    You maintain web of contacts and allied in high, or low, places. Once per session, you can call in a favor from an influential individual. This could be to spread a rumor, securing temporary safe passage, or providing critical information for a scene.
    Favors are broken down into minor, moderate and major.
    Simple tasks such as gathering basic information, spreading a rumor, or acquiring a common item or items.
    This is more involved help, such as arranging a meeting with an influential person, securing temporary safe passage, or acquiring a restricted item.
    These are tasks of significant assistance such as passing on critical items or information, helping rally support for a cause, or organizing a large-scale distraction.
    For every favor called in, the GM notes a favor tier that you must perform for the contact in return. If you asked for a Moderate favor, then you will be asked to perform a Moderate favor in return.
    If you fail to return the favor, it costs stress based on the favor that was asked as follows:
    1 stress, if the return favor is not performed in 3 sessions (GM discretion).
    2 stress, if the return favor is not performed in 2 sessions (GM discretion).
    3 stress, if the return favor is not performed in 1 session (GM discretion).
    Also, the ally will refuse to help you in the future until the stress is resolved with that contact through downtime with that contact. During that downtime, you may not work on anything else but repairing that alliance.
    Alternative Names
    • Emissary
    • Mediator
    • Peacemaker
    • Infiltrator
    • Courtier (could be derogatory in certain situations)
    • Gossipmonger (derogatory)
    • Charlatan (derogatory)


    Profession Questions

  • Have you ever been caught in a lie? What was at stake?
  • Is there a culture or society you particularly admire or disdain?
  • Do you have any ongoing feuds or alliances with influential individuals?
  • How far are you willing to go for the sake of your mission or crew?


    Friends and Rivals

    Here are some suggestions for trusted friends and bitter rivals.  


    Elara Arannis
    A renowned opera singer who often passes you secrets through coded lyrics.
    Lord Cedric van Dorne
    An influential noble who owes you a favor from a past negotiation.
    Selena "Nightshade" Terrow
    A mysterious alchemist who provides you with various substances for social manipulation.
    Darien Voss
    A thief who respects your skills and occasionally partners with you for mutual benefit.


    Countess Lyria Daro
    A cunning political adversary who has crossed paths with you in many negotiations.
    Eamon Krell
    A detective always trying to uncover your deceptions.
    Lady Isolde Valerian, the “White Rose”
    A rival diplomat whose methods often clash with yours.
    Rafe Torn
    A con artist who sees you as competition and aims to outwit you at every turn.

    Typical Envoy Items

    A typical list of suggested items to choose from that an Envoy might have on them.  


    A short blade, ideal for close combat or as a tool. (0 load)
    Concealed Blade
    This small, palm-sized, compact blade can fold into its handle for concealment. It’s often disguised as part of another object such as the top of a cane, a belt buckle, or part of a lady’s fan. (0 load)
    Compact Crossbow
    This small, folding, hand-sized crossbow is designed for quick deployment. While it doesn't have the range or power of a full-sized crossbow, it's perfect for tight spaces and surprise attacks. Most Envoys use bolts with a sleep toxin. (1 load)
    Mechanical Cane Sword
    At first glance, it appears to be a sturdy, polished wood cane. But with the press of a button, a blade extends from one end. The handle also serves as a storage compartment for small tools or components. (1 load)
    Coat Pistol
    A small, pocket-sized flintlock pistol designed for close range and quick concealment. Another elegant weapon for tight spaces, surprise attacks, and similar situations. It can only be fired once before reloading, but is the easiest to conceal of any pistol known. (1 load)

    Tools & Devices

    Diplomatic Seal or Signet Ring
    A symbol of your authority in negotiations. What does it look like? Who is the seal for? (0 Load)
    Disguise Kit
    A small, portable locked case that is essential for assuming different identities. Often it is made from a plain leather or wood. (1 load)
    A black leather pocket-sized book for deciphering or sending encrypted messages. (0 load)
    Pocket-sized lockpick set
    A compact collection of tools made of a sturdy alloy and concealed in a discreet case. These hooks, rakes, and more are essential to clandestine operations where finesse needs to triumph over force. (0 load)


    Mask of Many Faces
    A thin mystical mask made of woven silk and morasu magic that lets you change your appearance for one scene. (0 load)
    Silk Gloves
    Another popular woven silk item, this comes in various colors. Some take pains to have them coated by a skilled alchemist to change color to detect poison. (0 load)
    Diplomat’s Robe
    A rich robe, often red, green, or deep blue, that denotes your position and gives an aura of authority. (1 load)
    Elegant Attire
    A tailor-made outfit, designed to help you infiltrate even the most high-class events and negotiations. (1 load)

    Personal Items

    Memento from a Past Deal
    A small trinket that reminds you of a significant negotiation or alliance you made. Is it a small item like a pocket watch or locket? What is the story behind the memento? Is it tied to a friend or rival? (0 load)
    Gift from a Foreign Land
    A small token that represents your connection and experiences from around the world. What is it? An item of clothing? Necklace of some worth? What is the story behind it? (0 load)
    Finely crafted false identity
    A set of expensive and well-scribed papers that can pass meticulous scrutiny. Ones that have a complete personal history that help you infiltrate pirate crews, high courts, or other organizations. What is this identity? What is the personal history? (0 load)


    Translation Lexicon
    A compact, intricately designed device that looks like a combination of miniature book and arcane artifact with a scrying lens. Inside are pages filled with a flowing script that can be animated with the inherent grimling-scribed magic. An invaluable device for helping understand various languages. (1 load. Grants a +1 effect to anyone translating a language)
    Diplomat’s Pouch
    An elegant pouch made from high-quality leather and woven silks. Often bears the crest of a noble family, Tomia, government or other organization. Often secured with hidden clockwork traps to prevent theft (1 load)
    Infiltrator’s Pocket-Purse
    A plain coin purse designed to hold various currencies, but also supports several hidden compartments. (1 load)
    Truthseeker Amulet
    An ornate amulet from ancient morasu judicial rituals that a Wavebinder friend has adapted for your purposes. Once active, it subtly vibrates or glows in the presence of lies. Unfortunately, it cannot pinpoint the specific lie or reveal the truth. After being activated, it will work for only one scene. Then it will need to be recharged during a downtime activity. (0 load. Grants a +1d when used while attempting Sway or Maneuver someone in a negotiation or conversation)

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