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Whenever people living in Eshil spot a large deep purple raven, their hearts pound hard in their chests. The neighbourhood will be alarmed and people stay on their toes to see if more will spawn, or if it was but an innocent occurance not meant for their village or town. These ravens instill fear in the minds of people and for good reason.  
You never heard of Archmage Anvar and his Puravens? Well, let me tell you lad; whenever you see such a bird flying about, know that something is amiss. And run... while you can.
— A dwarven resident of Chandarin educating a lost traveller

Associate of the Archmage

Long ago, Archmage Anvar terrorised the region with their cruel ideals. The people feared the forest that he lived in and warned everyone not to go near it. But soon, illicit activities happened outside the forest as well. There was only one way to know if ones life was in danger or not during that time.   Puravens always appeared two or three days before the disciples of Anvar would pay a visit. They would stay until the deed has been done, whatever that may be, before they would take their leave. Therefore, the people of Eshil applied a rule of thumb to determine if they needed to evacuate the area or not. A Puraven that stayed for longer than a day, or more than one was spotted in the near vicinity, was considered a bad omen and all the more reason for the villager to temporarily leave their homes.
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75 years
Average Height
35cm (13.7")
Average Weight
1.5kg (3lbs)
Geographic Distribution
Average Wingspan
68cm (2'2")


Puravens resemble ravens in various ways. However, there are a few distinct features that sets them apart. Two of them are most recognisable. The Puraven has all-white eyes staring deep into ones soul. Its deep purple feathers are almost black as the night. Rumours are that the purple colour is a representative of the evil that it serves.

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