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Archmage Anvar

Once regarded one of the greatest mages of their time, Archmage Anvar used to focus on helping people. Wanting to use their magical powers for a greater good, he travelled far and wide to widen his knowledge and repetoir of spells while occassionally coming back to his hometown in the middle of Caesars Forest. However, one day the villages noticed a difference upon his return. One that would lead to the village's demise.  
I may have been good-willed in my past, but I have seen what people are capabable of during my travels. No one deserves to be left standing, there are others who will take better care of this world that I must bring back.
— Archmage Anvar

Student to Monstrous Archmage

From a young age, Anvar always displayed a talent for magic. He quickly picked up what little theory he was taught by the village wizard. Fortunately for Anvar, there was a wizards tower in the forest. As soon as he reached the age of 13, he enrolled to become a disciple and further expand his knowledge and talents for magic.   Within five years, he had reached the top of his class. Under the guidance of the archmage, he began to refine his skills even further. Together, they sought out other wizardry or sorcerers towers to broaden his view on the world and absorb other techniques. After ten years, Anvar became the youngest archmage in the history of Eshil.   Now at the helm of a wizarding tower, Anvar took his responsibilities seriously. Diligently, he taught his students well in the same ways as his mentor did. Meanwhile, he continued his travels around the world to enrich his wealth of knowledge with new details. As the years passed, he would travel for longer periods leaving the tower in the capable hands of his best students. However, during one of his trips, he discovered something that he considered great evil.  
Anvar stumbled upon a cult offering a living person to a foreign god. Curious, he approached the group and observed the ritual from a little distance. Once they were finished, he struck up a seemingly casual chat with one of the members to gather more information on what he just witnessed. His interest in the tradition and their beliefs grew. Never before had he heard that dragons were the original ancestors that walked these lands.   In the olden days, they tried to get the queen of dragons back to the world. According to them, the peasants had overrun the world and balance had to be restored. The only way to do so, would be by bringing back the queen. However, just before they were able to do so, a war broke out. The same peasants, but now slightly advanced, still run the world and only decend it further into chaos.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
  Wanting to investigate it further, he came in contact with a mage of the dark arts. Immediately, Anvar was intrigued. A dark desire started to manifest itself. Upon his return to the tower, he only informed his most trusted students about his discovery. His student, ever loyal to their archmage, immediately agreed to help him bring back balance to the world. Together, they began to experiment with the dark arts to master it themselves.   The students who willingly sided with the archmage and his dark experiments became his disciples. Those that were more hesitant became the test subjects of the experiments being conducted. All the details regarding the experiments were noted in his Notebook. The successful spells got a place in Anvar's Tome of Destruction.
Table of Contents
The text in these boxes are considered secrets only known to Anvar himself or the disciples close to him. Hover over them to uncover their secrets.
Chaotic Monstrous
Current Status
Waiting to be revived
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
Tower of Anvar
Piercing Green
Short with a purple hue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bleak, almost white
2m (6'8")
79kg (174lbs)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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