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Mondo Del Yarachnae

In the middle of the vast Yarachnia Forest shelters a small high-elf output: Mondo Del Yarachnae. This small settlement is one of two outposts allowed to work and process the Yarach trees. Here, male high elf workers produce Yarach Wood for the trade and send their hard-earned money to their wives and children in their hometowns.   The modest base has two sections: a living and construction section. The living area has a few women and children running around. They are the family of the captains that run the outpost. Their task is to keep the workers fed and the cabins clean. Approximately a hundred workers live temporarily in these cabins to reduce travel.
The construction section provides all the tools to process the logs harvested from the forest. The workers turn them into planks and smaller logs. This part of the camp also allows the workers to customise the piece to the client's wishes.  

Getting the Wood

Yarach wood is not easy to gather, especially for big companies like The Shipyard who take the highest quality wood only. As for Yarach wood, there are essentially two types that manufacturers frequently use.  

Top branches

One group of workers are nimble and agile, usually rangers or archers in training and on their breaks. These workers gather the top branches from the still very flexible trees and have a beautiful birch-like white colour. These soft twigs get sturdy over time as they grow older. For furniture, it is the perfect wood.   A worker must leave five top branches intact from a tree to allow the trees to grow naturally. Any access branches, they are allowed to take as per the regulations from the <High Elf Kingdom>. It is all for the protection of the trees and to avoid overharvesting.  


Another group of workers are strong for the physically demanding work: gathering logs. Chopping down a Yarach tree takes an enormous effort. That being said, one log of wood can supply enough for at least five ship decks. They also plant new trees back to ensure that the forest stays healthy for every tree chopped down.  

Worker Shifts

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