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Yarach Wood

Look at the flexibility of the wood. These top branches can still bend into any shape that we put it. However, as it ages, it grows stiff and sturdy. We can speed up the process by using this Yarach Aging Bath. The wood hardens in the mold, giving us our furniture in about two days instead of five years.
— Instructor at The Shipyard Academy
  Native to the <High Elf Kingdom> is the Yarachnia Forest, a most beautiful forest full of trees, plants and wildlife. Here, the Yarachnia trees grow, producing Yarach wood, which is used for all sorts of woodworking. It is considered a premium material and therefore often used by big companies like The Shipyard to produce stunning furniture and high-quality decks for their ships.


Law & Regulation

While there are plenty Yarach trees in the Yarachnia Forest, it doesn't mean everyone is free to chop down the trees. The forest is a protected area where the high elves try to preserve wildlife and ecology the best they can. For every tree chopped down, new ones must be planted.   Therefore, there are currently only two known outposts that are allowed to work in the forest. The Mondo Del Yarachnae output processes and chops trees for production and trade. They also replant the trees which are supplied by <the second outpost>. This outpost serves as a tree nursery where they grow and nurture the trees in their natural environment.   These outposts are highly regulated and inspected by high elf authorities to ensure that they keep true to their purpose.
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When soaked in water, it gives off a subtle caramel odor
The bark is deep pink, but the inside of the wood is light as birch on the edges and dark walnut in the middle.

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